Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'll Take 40 for 30, Alex...

Today was my second unemployment review in less than 30 days.  I got up early, got ready, drove Michael to school and then drove the 20 miles to the unemployment office.  

This time, there was only three people ahead of me.  I showed my letter that I received in the mail, they sent me to the lone office and this time it was a different gentleman waiting in there - one with no chair for me to sit in and who did not ONCE even look at me.  

He said "Do you have your job search record?"  "Yes."  I replied and handed it over to him.  He scanned it and was like "What about all of these Craigslist ads you applied to?  Do you have the printouts?"  "Yes," I replied and handed him the pile.  "What about this job here where you applied to the website, is that there?"  "Yes, it is," I said with a smile.  He handed me a new job search record sheet and said "You're good to go."

Thirty seconds.  Literally.  I drove 40 miles round-trip for a 30 second interview.  Really?  Is there no better way to do this?  Is there no way to do this online so that I don't have to drive this much with gas at $3.10 a gallon??  I mean, I realize I'm unemployed so CLEARLY I have time on my hands but it just seemed like a colossal waste of everyone's time.

But on a side note and not unemployment related, today is the 17th.  With the new billing cycle with our electric company the bill HAD to be paid today.  I had completely lost track of the date and at 11:20 a.m. I remembered and went in to a state of panic.  The only checks we had here are temporary ones but I didn't think that was a big deal.  So I jump in the car and drive over to town hall to pay the bill.  I give the clerk the check and the bill and she's like "Oh, we can't take's a temporary check?"  

What is the point of a temporary check if you cannot USE IT???

So I nearly break down and cry because I know that I don't have any other checks or a debit card for that account (it's new) and so I start scrounging for cash in my wallet.  I'm like "I guess I don't have to buy food for my family today..." under my breath and hand her the money.  She looks at the computer and then at me, clearly confused.

"Do you do the payment plan when you pay the same amount every month?"  I'm like "  I pay on the 17th by the skin of my teeth whatever amount you guys feel like charging me for."  Yes, I was a bit annoyed.  So she's like "You have a $9.65 credit on your account.  You don't owe anything." 

Now I'm confused...

It appears that somebody, some guardian angel of sorts, PAID $150 on to our account for us last month!  How crazy is that???  I mean, I knew that I made my payment last month, for the right amount and on time and she told me that someone came in and made a payment on our account, on a credit card five days later!  I almost cried.  Kind of made me feel bad for snapping at her and wishing that I could smack her just moments earlier.

How cool was that???


Unknown said...

That's crazy having to do all that to get back money you paid into the dang system in the first place.

What a blessing, though, to find your bill paid- reminds you there are good people in this f*cked up world of ours.

1stopmom said...

That is pretty cool. What a blessing :)

Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

Oh how sweet of that person! Yay!

Da Dude said...

Just hope that it was somebody doing a kind gesture. If they mad an error and applied it to your account, instead of the right one, you might have to make a double payment with penalties.