Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day...

Okay, so it's Valentine's Day.  That's all fine and well but really, it's not a big deal in our house.  Well, that's not totally true, I used to LOVE Valentine's Day but it wasn't a big thing for Frank and really, I learned that we didn't need a single day set aside to be all in love.

Are you gagging at that one or perhaps just thinking "Really?"

No, it's true.  While Valentine's Day is nice, it is rare that we ever get to actually go OUT on the day and celebrate and it's kind of annoying the way restaurants jack up their prices just because of this day and it is kind of annoying to battle the crowds. 

So what about you?  What are your thoughts on Valentine's Day?  I have some great Valentine's memories...but honestly most of them come from while I was growing up.  My mom always bought us special gifts on Valentine's Day.  We'd wake up and there would be boxes of candy or stuffed animals or something like that waiting for us.  I used to love that.  Then, when I got older, my dad used to put a flower on my car while I was at school and even one year, after Frank and I were married, my dad sent me a dozen roses.  In all of my life I had never had a dozen roses delivered to my door.  It was pretty sweet.

It's been sweet watching Nick deal with Valentine's Day since he started dating Beckah.  I'm glad that he loves to do things for her.  That's a little big of me that he's got.  I hope that she appreciates his efforts because really, she's lucky that he is one of those guys.  

The thing is, I am a very happily married woman.  I love my husband more and more every day.  Our marriage isn't perfect but it is wonderful and I am blessed.  So while today is a "special" day for people in love, to me it's just another day to say thank you God for bringing such a wonderful man in to my life.

So I wish all of you a Happy Valentine's Day and I hope that you are all spending it with someone you love.


Danielle said...

I don't think I have had a good V-Day ever. Last year was my first as a married woman and let me just say it blowed big fat chunks and needless to say after being given a bamboo shoot and the next day finding out a "friend" got roses I was done. Oh and I am not married anymore so now I am single and its another Valentines Day. I think today will be all about my little one.

Anonymous said...

My husband got me roses first time in many years this year - needless to say he blew me away. So I'll be baking him some of his favorite brownies tonight. Hope you have a great Valentine's Day

Lilis Kuntoro said...

I don't do anything this V-day

Mizé said...

As I wrote in one of my Valentine´s posts: Any day is a good day to love...Valentine´s is a good occasion for extra love :)
My V-day lost importance long ago due to a ...sort of numb, non-romantic, took me for granted ex, lol. Maybe I can still have good V-days in the future...for now, it´s just a normal day.