Sunday, December 19, 2010

It's good to go back in time a bit...

Yesterday I took a 3-hour road trip to visit one of my oldest and dearest friends, Linda.  We have known each other since the third grade and we hadn't seen each other in well over ten years...possibly twelve.

So we left home around 9:15 and we were driving, driving, driving and all of a sudden Frank was like "It's snowing" and I'm like "No, it's not".

It was.

A lot.

Like a blizzard.

In white-out conditions.

Luckily none of it was sticking but it made for some miserable time in the car on the road.  We got to her house a little after noon and then just had a great time of catching up and visiting.  Her mom was in town who, when we were growing up, was like a second mom to me.  We laughed and joked, I brought photo albums with me so that they could see the rest of my family who they all remember.  It was just wonderful.

I have to admit, it's weird to be adults and be friends with people that you knew when you were little because it feels like we're all playing house.  I can remember playing in the snow with Linda and building log play houses in her back yard and now here we are with husbands, kids, adults!  We got a picture of the two of us together and I laughed because to me, we still look exactly the same.

Only prettier...


Lin said...

I still see friends from kindergarten and it IS odd to see each other getting older. I think we still look the same, but the camera thinks otherwise. Sigh. Nice to have friends you have history with, isn't it?

Linda said...

Aww Stace.That was so sweet! Mom commented how you really took her back to those days when we were the kids and she was the working Mom. Funny how we're at that stage now.I began to tear up when you guys first hugged. Meant a lot to me to have you come and bring her some cheer that day as she is feeling down from time to time missing my Dad a lot. Hugs to you and looking forward to gettting together with you again. We DO look prettier. We DO!