Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Snow days are no longer fun...

So it snowed here in NC.  This is, indeed, big news because it does not often snow in the south.  Granted, we did not get as much snow as they did further north of here, but in my neighborhood, we got eight inches of snow.

And I don't like it.

I grew up in New York and really, three out of the four accidents I was ever in, involved snow.  Because of that, I do NOT like driving in it, or the after-effects of it, for any reason.  Yesterday, I took the boys to Target in the afternoon.  The sun was out so I figured that it would be safe to drive.  It was hard just getting out of my own block!  The main roads are clear but the plowing on the secondary roads was not the greatest.

Then there is after dark.  Black ice.  I'm sorry, but if I do not have to be out on it for an emergency, why risk it?  I was watching the news last night and the first 15 minutes of it was about all of the traffic accidents caused by the black ice!  People, do us all a favor and listen to the newscasters when they say "Stay off the road!"  There's a reason for it!

People assume because I grew up in a place where snow was common that I should have no problem with driving in it, and the truth is, I never liked it.  Sure, as a teenager I was like "What's the big deal?" until I crashed my car in it and had to be picked up by strangers because no one else was stupid enough to be on the icy roads!  Just me!

So needless to say, long story short, and all that jazz, I do NOT like driving during or after the snow.  

Then there's the being stranded in the house. Sure, it's fun for that first day; watching the snow fall, staying in your's fun.  By the third day, I feel like Jack Nicholson in "The Shining".  The walls start closing in and there is nothing that anyone can suggest that sounds fun.  I don't want to eat anything that there is to eat in the house (and believe me, there is a TON of food here right now) but I want none of it.

I wouldn't do well if I was one of those people trapped on a train over night. Or trapped in my car over night.  Claustrophobia is an issue, too.

So, attention Mother Nature...please clear the roads, warm up the temps so that I don't have to go postal on anyone...

Thank you


Lola said...

I normally don't mind driving in the snow, because I have a 4wd SUV. But I have a rental car that is not 4wd and because it's not MY car, I'm extra nervous driving it in the snow. That and it gets stuck really easily in my driveway because no one shovels it. With the SUV I'm in and out of my driveway no problems. When I first got back home with the rental car I promptly got it stuck in the driveway and could not move. Then, thankfully, I remembered what my Dad used to say. Put it in the lowest gear and accelerate slowly. It worked and I got unstuck and drove back out onto the street and repositioned and backed into the driveway no problem.

Francis Hunt said...

We've had snow for a month here now in western Germany - very unusual so early in the winter. I sympathise with everything you say and would even be happy with a week of rain to wash all the shit away, I've really had more than enough of it ...

Lauren Loves To Scrap said...

Snow is the reason I moved to Ca. It has rained more in the last 2 weeks...its raining as I'm writing this...we get 8 inches of rain on avg. for the whole year...we have received approx. 7 inches in the last 2 weeks. There is flooding everywhere. I wish I was a duck...then I would be super happy. LOL!!