Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Round Up...Wrap Up...and Clean Up! Part 1

Merry day-after Christmas, everyone!  I hope that your holiday was fabulous.

Christmas Eve at my house was a non-stop event, all day long.  We had some friends from out of town come for lunch.  They brought most of the makings for the meal but I made some stuff, too.  We had a great time visiting and talking and laughing and it was just plain fun.

After they left, I finished getting the house ready and started making our traditional Christmas Eve meal - the seafood sauce.  I have to be honest, I would have given a kidney to NOT have this meal this year, but everyone looked at me when I mentioned making something else like I was trying to ruin Christmas.  So, we had the traditional seafood sauce.  Yippee.  We were blessed to have some very dear friends join us for dinner (who, FYI, do NOT eat seafood sauce) and they had to bring their own sauce to eat with us!  It made for a comical time in the kitchen but a fun memory that we will look back on, for sure!

We ate dinner and finished around 6:30 and the first of the THIRTY dessert guests started to arrive around 6:50!  It was a mad-dash to clean up and set up for the next round of celebrating, but we pulled it off fabulously!  We had people in and out of the house celebrating with us until around 11 p.m.!  Everyone brought a dessert to share and all I can say is that now I have way too much dessert in my house!!

The boys got to open a gift after everyone left and then they locked themselves in their room to watch some TV until they could fall asleep.  Actually, I don't think they lasted that long because Nick (who has no problem keeping people entertained) actually held a "mini-seminar" for any of our dessert guests who were interested, on how to "Mosh to lose weight".

I kid you not.

He is all in to that hard-core, screamo-make-me-want-to-kill-myself-because-it-sounds-so-awful music and when you listen to it, you mosh.  For those of you not familiar with moshing, imagine someone having a spaz attack while having a seizure.  So for the entertainment of our guests, he actually took three individual groups in to his room to demonstrate how one can mosh and how by doing so, you will lose weight.  

Needless to say, most people left in tears...LAUGHING tears!  It was a great ending for our night.  So I am sure that he went to sleep fairly quick and I know that I finally crawled in to bed near one in the morning myself.  

It was a Merry Christmas Eve, indeed!

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Lola said...

Sounds like you all had a great time. Moshing and all!