Saturday, December 11, 2010

Target took ten years off of my life!

I hate shopping.  I seriously do.  I don't find any joy from trolling the mall or anything like that; it's just not my thing.  I have finally joined the masses that don't carry cash - which I HATE - but it just seems easier to do everything with the debit/check card.

So I'm in Target the other day and grabbed a few things and the total was $35.07.  Not a huge amount and I knew, without a DOUBT, that there was WAY more than that in the checking account.  

Target didn't believe me.
I swiped the card and did it as a credit (I like getting my bank reward points) and it was declined.  So the cashier tried it. Declined.  Now I am having a freakin heart attack with 14 people in line behind me and wanting to scream that I have the money in the bank!  Has this ever happened to you?  Now I take the card back and decide to do the transaction as a debit card.

It went through.

What in the world is up with that?  I mean, same card, same amount of money, why in the world do these machines do that?  Actually, that happened to me once before - again at Target - where I used a different debit card (my unemployment one) and it declined it for insufficient funds when there were funds available.

Note to credit card machines at Target:  I'm sending you the cardiologist bill!

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Lisa B. said...

This has happened to hubby and I. He uses our bank debit card, I use my unemployment debit card. Both have been denied at Target (several different times) and a certain convenience store when we have gotten GAS and had no cash! Talk about panic attacks. Thank goodness in the gas situation the convenience store accepted the bank debit card!