Tuesday, December 14, 2010

All I Want for Christmas is...

I am beginning to hate that statement.  I don't really ask for anything for Christmas because really, Christmas is about my kids.  Frank is not a big shopper and so I learned early on to not get my hopes up about what was under the tree - sometimes I would just shop for myself.  

So this year, Nick is just about bouncing off the walls with excitement (Just like every other year) and we keep coming back to what do I want for Christmas.  Sigh.  Okay so the fantasy list would include:
     - A 7-day trip to Disney
     - A one-week SOLO trip to the mountains or beach so that I could write
     - A new car stereo (my CD player died)
     - Someone to install the new car stereo
     - A year's worth of professional massages
     - A new digital camera (I think I am killing mine slowly)

But here's the reality list:
     - "Psych" on DVD (any season but 3 because I have it already)
     - A gift certificate to get my eyebrows done
     - A gift certificate for a pedicure (LOVE those!)
     -  Scrapbooking supplies
     - Books, books and more books

It's not much, I know, but it would make me happy - no matter which list it's from.  What about you?  What do YOU want for Christmas?


exercise burn fat said...

Love your blog (I visit you from entrecard). Where did you get the title for your blog?

Unknown said...

Hi! Dropping in from Entrecard, I love the list. I'm the same way, ugh I'd really love a couple things, but it's more for the kids. No you know what, dishes done without gripes. There I said it! All I want for Christmas is my dishes done w/o me saying a word.

Happy Dropping!
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StaceyC4 said...

That is a good one, Veronica! I may add that to my list!

Ruth said...

I like your lists! The writing trip and massages would be right up my alley too...personally my fantasy gift would be a winning lottery ticket, that way anything else I wanted I could just get it myself.

The getting the kids to do housework without griping about it is a good one too though. ;-)

Nani said...

i only asked for a few things....a new purse, a new scrapbooking bag(mine broke) and a last minute BIGGIE...a coffee/tea pot that matches our china from our wedding..silly i know,but after hosting a table at the homeschool tea and attending the one at our church I really want one to be able to use it at the next tea..getting old i guess