Thursday, July 16, 2009

Settling Back In...

It was back to business as usual today. Michael went back to school which means that I was up at the crack of dawn, had to fight an angry nine-year old followed by an angry 45 year old. It was not fun. Frank finally is working again - praise the LORD! And Nick went out with a friend for the day and is sleeping out tonight.

I have to admit, days like this still seem a little weird to me. I had the house to myself for almost four hours. I went out and grabbed myself a little take out for lunch, came home and popped in a DVD while I ate and then...nothing. I mean, my little tiny house felt giant and lonely and I sort of just wandered around wondering what in the world to do with myself!! How sad is that? I normally enjoy a little quiet time but if truth be known, I'm having a hard time dealing with the aftermath of the weekend. More and more stuff keeps coming out and my first instinct is to track this crazy woman down and inflict pain on her for the things that she said but then I have to remember that she truly is insane and doesn't really realize what she is doing. Why someone has not called the local insane asylum to come and get her with a large net and a tranquilizer dart is beyond me!

Michael came home with five days worth of homework that his teacher forgot to give him and expects it all to be done by tomorrow. Um, not gonna happen! We got through 90% of it and I am impressed with that and if she has a problem with it, well, she can pay for the therapy bills for us all.

Tomorrow night will be a girls night out and I am so thankful for my friends who are there for me and although they are all extremely curious to hear all of the loopy details of the weekend, I know that they are also there to just love on me when I need it. How awesome is that? All I can say is thank GOD tomorrow is Friday!!


A.Marie said...

YAY for good friends; NAY for all of the homework!

You're gonna have fun tomorrow evening, though!! :)

A.Marie said...

Oh, forgot to put in my last comment: I have been a slacker blogger this week, but I am going to post my award that you gave me on my blog tomorrow! Then I will give you all kinds of linky love!! :}