Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Vacation Reading Frenzy!

By the time you guys are actually reading this, I will be on my way home from vacation. Hopefully, I've survived. Since it is a massive amount of driving and I am an avid reader, I packed eight books to take with me.

Six days.

Eight books.

I know, ambitious, right? I am a super fast reader and four of the books are under 200 pages. I like a nice, quick read. I'm feeling optimistic that I will get it all done. I figure, between the car ride and sitting in the hotel room at night, sitting on the beach, etc., I should have PLENTY O TIME to enjoy a good book.

Or eight.


Nani said...

ok....i'm waiting for the vacation stories...waiting, i going to have to wait for the book?

dddiva said...

Good luck making your goal- the littlest diva and I had to buy more books in San Diego, we're both voracious readers. Let us know which are worth reading.

Petula said...

Sounds like fun! Those are the perfect vacations where you get to relax and read a pile of books. Don't get a headache reading in the sun! That always happens to me.