Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It's Like Cardboard Covered in Sauce...

...but it's so darn good!!!

Okay, all of you mom's out there, was there something that you ate during your pregnancy that really, no one would really want and even now, long after you have given birth you still like to eat?


When I was pregnant with Nick (some 18 years ago) I craved frozen pizza. You could not bring me a pizza from the local pizzeria, oh no, it had to be of the frozen variety. wasn't like the "good" frozen pizza like DiGiorno or the Freschetta. Uh-uh, not for me. I'm talking the kind of cheap frozen pizza that could be had from the local 7-11. My brand of choice was Elio's. I ate that throughout my pregnancy and really, once Nick was born, I stopped. Funny thing is, Nick LOVES pizza - and again, not "real" or even "good" pizza, he prefers the ickier stuff.

So imagine my surprise at finding Elio's pizza at the local Harris Teeter supermarket! I was almost giddy. I bought it and Nick and I have been having a regular pizza-fest for days. I mean, it's so NOT good that it IS good!! The first box had everyone looking at me like I was a ticking time-bomb. "Are you pregnant?" I had to reassure them all that I wasn't.

Just really in the mood for really, really bad pizza. What's wrong with that?


Roo said...

Ok... I've never been pregnant, but I feel the same way about Jack-in-the-Box tacos! They are the nastiest looking things but they taste sooooo good. I used to eat them when I was going to business college. About once a month, they would have a sale... 3 tacos for $.99. Throw in a drink and you had lunch for about $2. When J-I-T-B shut down in this area, I was very disappointed because I missed the tacos. Then 5-10 years ago Burger King started selling the same tacos. YUM. Now J-I-T-B is back in town and has them too!!! Double Yum!!

carol at A Second Cup said...

uh oh

Playstation said...

It's kinda funny how our previous habits strikingly reflect on our kids without us teaching or even showing them what they were.

Like in my case, I used to sleep hugging pillows with one hand but using the back of my palm. Now I see my daughter, deep in her sleep, comfortably doing the same.