Monday, July 6, 2009

After Twenty Years, the Adventure Continues!!

Twenty years ago today, Frank and I had our first date. I KNOW! Wild, right? We met at his sister's college graduation party where he generously offered to pour me a drink.


We talked, we laughed, he invited me to go to a bar with him and his friends but alas, I was not of age and did not have proof, and so he left. Seriously, I think I was a little more interested that he was! So I did some investigating, got his phone number and two weeks later, called. We played phone tag for another couple of weeks and when we did finally have time to talk, we talked for hours! After several of these lengthy phone conversations, I was like "So are you EVER going to ask me out?" And he did.

And we've been together ever since. Romantic, right?

The Frank and Stacey of 1989 were: Frank was a machinist working twelve hour days living in a basement apartment, Stace worked in retail management at Foxmoor's (a Junior clothing store) and was renting a room at a friend's house. Somehow these two crazy kids found each other and fell in love. I moved in less than two months later and he hasn't been able to get rid of yet!

Happy Anniversary, Baby! I love you more each and every day!


A.Marie said...


PJ said...

happy anniversary to the both of you, and many more.

BK said...

Happy Anniversary and wishing you many more to come.

Grampy said...

My wife and I did the same thing one date and I knew she was my soulmate.

Lola said...

Awww! Happy Anniversary!

Sue said...

Happy Anniversary of your first date. That's nice to remember that.