Friday, July 10, 2009

On the Road Again...

Because we are forever on a budge, when we travel as a family, we drive. We've been up and down the East Coast a LOT!

I consider us to be simple-folk (and not in a hillbilly kind of way!) but somehow when we travel we become very complex people. My children, who normally sit down and watch ANYTHING are suddenly movie critics about what they are willing to watch in the car! They have been discussing their selections for a month! When we get in the car to leave, they will already have a movie playing in the DVD player! For crying out loud, they don't even give themselves a chance to settle in on the road!

I have a very limited wardrobe and yet I look like some sort of Diva when I travel. I've got several outfit changes, multiple pairs of shoes, every beauty product known to man and everything in my medicine cabinet with me! It normally looks like I am going away for a month rather than a week!

In order to save money on food, we pack a cooler. Unfortunately, we are food snobs. No PB&J's for us! Oh no, I make fried chicken sandwiches that need to be made fresh on the morning of our departure, canned soda (the good stuff, Coke, not store brand), and snacks galore. Sometimes I even bake! Honestly, at this rate eating out might be the cheaper option!

This trip is 14 hours each way. We alternate driving every state. I'm unsure if Nick will get in to the rotation this time - he decided to wait on another road test until after we get back. I'm kind of relieve if truth be known. Stupid DMV!!

So off we loaded to overflowing? Check. Too much food? Check. My sanity holding on by a thread? Check.


Roo said...

LOL... TRAVEL DIVA! That's funny. I know one too. My aunt (by marriage, who is 7 months younger than me!) is like that. When they go for even just a couple of days the car is LOADED! When we go to Florida, the two of them have probably 4 suitcases AND a couple of carry-ons. We hassle her about it, but we love her. Like you, she is a simple person. She's not one to be glam all day, everyday. She just has to have everything with her. I do too, but can usually manage to keep it to one suitcase and one carry-on.

Hope the trip is going well!

A Lil Enchanted said...

Have a great trip Stace!

A Lil Enchanted,

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

First time here, I was drawn to your title. I've been living in Hawaii 27 years and the thing I miss most about the Mainland is road trips. My fondest memories of growing up were summer road trips.

I had not thought about how it has changed -like movies in the car...