Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Few Random Rants...

Sorry, but I'm in a mood...

- If you cannot have a conversation with someone that does not involve betraying a confidence or throwing someone under the bus, STOP TALKING TO PEOPLE.

- If you want to be involved with someone who is a psycho - KEEP THEM AWAY FROM OTHER PEOPLE.

- If you are going to betray a 15 year friendship by any means - DON'T GET MAD WHEN THEY TURN AROUND AND BETRAY YOU.

- When people stop calling you or wanting to having anything to do with you - THERE'S USUALLY A GOOD REASON.

- If you are going to be lewd and use filthy comments for all the world to see - NO ONE HAS TO LIKE IT OR FIND IT FUNNY.

Thanks, I needed that.

1 comment:

A.Marie said...

Uh Oh, my bloggy friend, something happened!! Are you okay??

I know..I know..I am so overprotective of my bloggy pals; I just want all of you to be happy! :)