Friday, July 17, 2009

Random Yumminess...Where to eat? Where to eat?

It's Friday - Yeah! Girls night out. We cannot decide where to go and eat. I know, I know, it's tough to be me, unemployed and contemplating where to go out to eat on a Friday night. Poor Stace. I get it. But truly, this is a dilema! I honestly don't know where to go where it will be all that we want it to be!

There are a lot of the usual restaurants around: Outback, Applebees, Chili's, Texas Roadhouse, Texas Steakhouse, Macaroni Grill, O'Charley's, Red Robin...yawn. All have good food and reasonable prices but they are all so LOUD! I mean, I am a loud person and sometimes it's hard for people to hear me in these places. That's not normal. Seriously, I am THAT loud.

Outback is most definitely my favorite. But when out with the girls, we all try to pretend that we don't want to eat a lot so that leaves out the Bloomin Onion and honestly, that's the best dang part of eating at the Outback! Applebee's is out because my one friend used to work there and well, let's just say that we know things now that we wish we didn't. Chili's? I'm not much on the Tex Mex thing. Texas Roadhouse? Love the food, hate the music and dancing that comes around every thirty minutes or so. Texah Steakhouse? made no impression on my life. Macaroni Grill? Their food is okay but I'm still Italian-ed out from last weekend. O'Charley's? We did that not too long ago and again, it was just eh. Red Robin? It was better in the 80's.

What do I do? Where do we go??? There are some smaller restaurants around town but they are more pricey. All I know is that I want to go SOMEWHERE! Sigh.

Now I need a snack...


Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

You're right - the Bloomin Onion is the best part of eating at the Outback... I agree with your assessment on all the others...maybe flip a coin? Or close your eyes and point to a list of restaurants in the yellow pages and just go to whichever you land on? :) At least you're getting a Girls Night won't matter where you go, it'll still be fun! :)

A.Marie said...

I agree with Stacy; close your eyes and point; sounds fun to me! :)

Outback is just no fun without the Bloomin Onion; those things are awesome!

PJ said...

i also was going to say close your eyes and point. maybe you'll find a treasure that way.

A Lil Enchanted said...

I know exactly what you mean about the noise! My hearing is not what it used to be... partly due to age... and partly due to attending really loud rock concerts in my younger years... oh and I guess all those times I put my ear right up to my stereo speakers for long periods didn't help either. So I don't like to go to loud places when I want to socialize because it's difficult for me to block out the background noise to be able to hear the conversation.

About Outback... it's my absolute favorite place to eat and I get to eat there maybe once every 3 years or so... it's just waaaaay out of our budget. And the Bloomin Onion.... Mmmmm.... maybe the group of you could share one or two... so you get it but you don't have to eat the whole thing yourself :)

A Lil Enchanted,