Thursday, July 9, 2009

Michael Jackson Memorial - My Thoughts

Michael Jackson died. Did anyone else hear this?? Seriously, I think the last time we saw this kind of coverage was when Princess Diana died. I watched the memorial and actually saw MOST of it live, but I caught the rest of it in re-runs later that night.

I understand that this man was an extremely gifted entertainer. The way he could sing, even as a child, was just amazing. His dancing was awe inspiring. It is likely that we will never again see such talent in an entertainer. What bothered me most was the behavior of the fans. I thought it was pretty amazing for the fans to be invited to such an event. The Staples Center seemed full to capacity. But all intents and purposes, this was NOT a concert, it was a MEMORIAL. When they wheeled Michael Jackson's casket in to the spotlight and you were waiting for things to begin, there were fans screaming out his name. I'm sorry, but if you went to a memorial for your grandmother would you be screaming "WOO! GRANDMA, WE LOVE YOU!!" Of course you wouldn't! Why? Because it is inappropriate! For crying out loud, people! Show some restraint!

Berry Gordy seemed to be doing a promo for Motown more than a eulogy. We all know the history of Motown and the Jackson 5, that was really not the arena to toot your own horn about all of the amazing acts that came out of Motown. Poor taste. Mariah Carey? Her original rendition of "I'll Be There" which she first premiered on MTV Unplugged, I think, was was more tasteful. Yes, yes, we all know that you can reach those really obnoxiously high notes. It's a MEMORIAL! Sing the song tastefully, without showing off, and get off the stage. And we could have done with a little less cleavage, too, by the way.

For the most part, it was very touching. It was nice to see him remembered in such a way and his daughter's speech at the end just moves me to tears every time I see it. And I have a feeling, we'll be seeing it a LOT in times to come.

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