Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It's Been Two Months...

Okay, so I've been unemployed now for two months. I have to admit, it wasn't as bad as I thought. Things - financially - have been okay, but now we are hitting that point where it's time to really consider what comes next.

Anyone? Anyone?

That's the thing - I have NO IDEA what to do next! We have a situation that I am sure is common to families in the same position as we are AND have kids. Michael is too young to be home alone. He is in year-round school which means he gets a three-week vacation every nine weeks. The cost of "Track-Out Camps" is astronomical! I would be working JUST to pay for the camp! That is not an option. So I would like to find something that I could do part-time or at home. I was telling this to a friend the other day and she was like "Well, what are your hobbies that you could turn in to a business?" Try this little exercise yourself and play along!

I read a lot. Not much of a call for that one.

I scrapbook. Yes, there is Creative Memories consulting but they are really expensive to start up with and everyone that I have ever known that has sold it, got out of it because there was no money it. I could try for a "Do your scrapbook for you!" type of a thing, but in this economy, are people really going to want to pay for that?

I cook. I don't measure anything and it annoys me when people are in the kitchen with me asking me questions.


What to do? What to do???

I went on line the other night and looked up being a Disney travel consultant. How much of a dream would that be? Um, huge, but the point is, I would have to be a regular travel agent first and THEN apply and PAY to become a Disney travel consultant. And even then, that is no guarantee of an income. Bummer. Yet another balloon deflated.

So here I sit friends. Sure, I've gone swimming several times a week, I've hung out with friends for lunch and whatnot, but I've got about another month before things start hitting the fan.

Any creative at-home job suggestions?? Anyone? Anyone?


Roo said...

What about getting a job with the school? Teachers aide? Secretary? Lunch Lady? That should put you on the same schedule as Michael.

dddiva said...

Roo had my only suggestion.

I make extra money by doing contests and sweeps and getting gift cards for points and prizes programs but the wins aren't guarantees and the surveys and such you don't make a ton with. If I do all that come along maybe 100 or 150 a month.
ChaCha has really taken a dive- my oldest still does it but not getting a lot of q's so not making several hundred a month part time like she was.
If I think of anything else I'll let you know.

A Lil Enchanted said...

Wish I had an answer for ya Stace... I've been looking for a way to earn money from home for over a year now. I know it can be done... I just haven't found anything that works for me. Take a look at this blog though... she has a lot of great ideas for work at home jobs... none of them have been the one for me so far. But you may find something that works for you!

Good Luck!!

A Lil Enchanted,

Anne said...

There are a couple of Work at Home Mom blogs you might find helpful. I also like Roo's suggestions to get on the same schedule as Michael.

Kathy B! said...

This is a tough situation. My kids are in year round school, too, and my eldest as on a traditional schedule this year. With the conflicting schedules there is no way I can work... it's tough.

I hope someone comes up with osmething more useful than commiseration!

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

I agree with Roo. Try getting a job at a school with the same schedule as your Roo. Aids and clerks are a good start.

There is also substitute teaching...

Mama Mia said...

Hi,Stace.Am dropping-by. :)

Roo's idea on getting a job at your son's school is a good one.

Anyway, I'll visit more of your blog to know you better.

Lynne said...

I spent 5 years working in the school district as a teacher's aide. The best thing about it was having the same days off as my daughter. I'm not sure how that works with year around school, but you might want to check into it.

I only quit working for the school district because we relocated. I now work from home for an international hotel chain as a reservations sales agent. It can be stressful, but I get a regular paycheck and never have to leave the house. I also set my own schedule which really is a huge plus. You may want to look for something similar in your area.

By the way, I found my w@h job by reading w@h blogs I found through Entrecard!

Campbell Jane said...

I felt the same way when I was laid off over a year ago. I started doing what I love to do most, paint. I may miss the big salary sometimes but don't miss the cubicle life one bit. What is it that you love to do most?

PJ said...

i hear you about the unemployment. this is the first time in, i don't even know how long, that i have been unemployed this long. it has been 7 months now and i am getting worried. i just posted about having to make a decision to move back to south dakota. i have a few links to information on working from home. i haven't really checked into any of them that much. maybe i should do a post on that. good luck stace, i'm routing for you.