Sunday, October 2, 2011

Going through clothes like the Hulk...

Nick went though his growth spurt late.  He was like 13 or 14 and even then, it was a slow process.  Michael is literally ripping and tearing through his clothes at an alarming rate.  We bought him a brand new pair of sneakers right before school started.  He went through nine weeks of school and a three week break to get us where we are right now.  

His sneakers actually split at the seams!  About a month ago.   The sole and sneaker came apart!  I mean, how often does that happen??  We used crazy glue and some sort of bonding stuff that Frank swore would work did not.  

He was a size 12 at the beginning of the school year.  He is now a 14.  At this rate, I have no idea how big he'll be by the end of the school year!  We're not tall people.  I'm barely 5'3 and Frank is about 5'9.  Neither sets of parents/ grandparents are particularly tall so this is all a bit bizarre to me.  I want to put a heavy book on his head and keep him this size for a little bit longer.  Not just because of sentimental reasons but because we just cannot afford to buy him more clothes right now!

Why does time have to fly??? 


wiregems said...

My son goes through a growth spurt every summer right before school starts, but nothing like what you're describing! Wow! (And some days I'd like to put a heavy book on my boy's head, too, but it IS for sentimental reasons--my baby is growing up too fast!)

Ruth said...

I know what you mean, my 16 year old is in adult sizes and even ripping out of some of those! I was amazed the last time I got shoes for him, he's a men's size 9DDDD. YIKES! My family isn't that big either but he's got an uncle on his dad's side that's about six foot four. He's already about five nine and still growing so we think he's going to be pretty close to that.m