Tuesday, October 11, 2011


An unfamiliar phenomenon happened here in my house this week.  My middle schooler asked if he could stay after school and go to the football game.

What the WHAT???

I know, completely bizarre.  No one in this house is a sports fan or participant. Well, we watch hockey but only if the NY Rangers are playing.  But I digress, Michael has always been athletically "gifted" and I say gifted because to the rest of us here in the house, he's a marvel.  But I'm not sporty or outdoorsy, Nick had no interest in team sports whatsoever and Frank just...well, never wanted to do the sports thing.  

So here's my boy, with his money that he's saved, telling us that he has the $4 for his ticket and could he please go to the game.  How could I say no?  We made a plan, he told us which friends he was going with, he had his cell phone and knew the time we were going to pick him up.  When he got home, he was fairly GLOWING.  He had a great time, was psyched about his school's team winning and talked about all of the friends that he saw was amazing.  

I am thinking that this time next year I will be sitting in the bleachers cheering him on, myself.   It's kind of a cool thought...

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Aldon Hynes said...

Yeah. I remember those days even though they are four decades ago now. I would work things out to go to the football game, or some other event at the school. I'd tell my mom about all my friends that would be there, Tim, Jack, Martin, but I'd omit one name, Tina. I didn't want my mom to know. And if Tina smiled at me, I'd come home glowing too, and tell my mom what a great game it was, and what a great time I had with my friends.