Tuesday, October 4, 2011

And as if life wasn't bad enough...

You know, it's really unfair for the universe to kick you when you're down.  With the way things have been, there are very few things that give me joy.  Chocolate is one of them.  Dove dark chocolate in particular.

So I'm food shopping the other day, cruising the aisles with my little calculator to stay within our budget and decided that I could go another week without conditioner so that I could buy the "big" bar of Dove Dark Chocolate.  It was a necessity and I was okay with spending that $1.99.

I came home, but the chocolate in the fridge for a little while - I prefer that it not melt in my hands - and went about my business.  After dinner, I cleaned up, did some things that I needed to do and then went in to grab a couple of squares of chocolate was BAD.  No, not the taste (although I'm sure that wasn't good either) but the SIGHT of it!  I opened the package and what should have been dark chocolate was the color of sand!  The bar looked old and disgusting and I was SOOOOOO disappointed that I wanted to cry.

It was too late to head back to the store (I was lazy and didn't want to seem like a crazy person harassing the customer service clerk over a chocolate bar at ten o'clock at night) so I waited until the next day.  I go, I show them the bar, we laugh, I get a refund and the woman asks if I just want to grab another one.  "Oh, no", I say.  "That kind of scared me off."  

Fifteen minutes later I found myself on line with another one.  I'm not strong, I admit it.

I get home, open it up and...IT WAS BAD TOO!!!  Son of a bitch!!!  

All I needed to feel just a wee bit better about this crap life was a few squares of chocolate and really?  Two bad bars??  What are the odds???  Probably pretty good since I bought them both at the same store like an IDIOT.


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Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

Oh good grief, not even a break with one of the best things in life! Geez! I'd email Dove and tell them myself - it doesn't sound right.