Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fall is Finally Here!!!

I know it said on the calendar like a week ago that it was the first day of Autumn, but here in NC it was still quite warm outside.  I realized at that point that I had spent about 98% of the summer indoors.  Why?  I hate the heat.  I honestly and truly hate the heat.

I don't enjoy sitting out in the sun tanning myself (I am fair skinned and burn WAY too easily), I don't like to sweat (I'm not one of those "pretty" sweaters... I like blotchy and disgusting) and honestly, I just enjoy the A/C a whole lot more.
While I am sad because this means my days of wearing cute flip flops and showing off my fun pedicure colors are coming to an end, I'm kind of looking forward to wearing a sweater or two.  I'm looking forward to my electric bill going down a little from the continuous use of the A/C.  We put the flannel sheets on the bed the other day and they kind of felt nice.

Summer is most definitely not my favorite season, it really is the Fall.  I'm looking forward to the leaves changing colors and just being able to be outside without being uncomfortable.

Yeah!  It's finally here!!

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Brenda said...

It's still warm here in Southern CA - today it was 80 degrees. I can't wait for Fall either. We just received our electric bill yesterday, and I also look forward to having it go down.