Friday, September 30, 2011

Winning isn't everything but...

I like to win things.  I mean, who doesn't, right?  Here's the thing, I never win anything big.  I enter contest, sweepstakes, trivia stuff and I win, just small things.  

Okay, so last week I wrote a review for a Disney restaurant and won one of the Birnbaum guide books to Walt Disney World.  I wrote a bunch of blogs for a Disney site and won (more like earned) a Disney World cooler tote bag filled with a few goodies (thank you for bringing it home to me, Alison!).  I have won other tour books, I've won a bunch of stuff through my Susan Mallery cheerleading endeavor (t-shirt, tote bag, mug, books, mouse pad) and one time I won a 4 day/3 night resort stay at a hotel in Orlando.  What I want is to win a TRIP.  I know, greedy right?

I mean, I see sweepstakes to win trips all of the time but does anyone ever actually WIN them??  Any of you out there ever win an actual trip??  What is the secret?  How do you do it?

I need a trip...desperately.

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