Friday, May 6, 2011

Well that was pleasant...

So I went to the doctor this morning for my thyroid bloodwork and follow up.  I had a bone to pick with the good doc because he had lowered my dosage the last time (6 months ago) and my body has been out of whack ever since.  We're talking and he's asking all kinds of questions and I'm telling him what my symptoms are, one of which was weight gain, and he tells me "You know, upping your thyroid med dosage isn't going to have you losing 40 pounds over night!"

Excuse me, Dr. Snarky, I did not think that it did, but thanks for your super bedside manner.

Next he had to draw blood.  Usually the nurse comes in and does it but she wasn't in yet and I was a little concerned with how he was wheeling around the room on his chair and not really paying too close of attention to what he was doing but okay, he's a doctor.  He's looking at my arm and can't find a vein.  I told him that I have difficult veins and he says "I never miss".

He did today.

Several times.

Until I cried.


He had no luck with the first arm, then attacked the other one and then DUG THE NEEDLE AROUND until I cried.  REALLY???  Then he found a vein on the TOP of my hand where it meets my wrist, poses my hand in this incredibly awkward position and then jabs me again.  The band aid factory reported quarterly profits after this appointment!

Basically, he didn't want to engage in a discussion about raising my thyroid med dosage until after the blood work comes back.  I'm still anemic, I still have a vitamin D deficiency and on top of that, I'm depressed.

Gee, I wonder why?

Now I have to wait for him to call with my results and PRAY that he is going to listen to my pleas and put my dosage back to where it was before.  And hopefully my arms and veins will be healed before I have to go back again in six months to do this all again!


Chrisbeads said...

Or maybe find a new doctor. Having experienced the "I never miss" kind of doctor myself, I sympathise with you.

Petula said...

I really would change doctors or something. Did he at least apologize? That's terrible. Hope the blood work comes back good and the nurse is in to take your blood.

Duni said...

I can totally relate. I have changed plenty of doctors simply because of their bad attitude. I also need to have regular blood tests done and it's always, ALWAYS a painful experience. Sorry you had to go through that. Maybe it's time to change doctors?

Grampy said...

Sorry about the bad doctor visit. They can be real a__es. I changed doctors for just that reason. On another note. My daughter works in a doctors office. If blood needs to be drawn they always call her. The doctors can't do it.

Lin said...

Owie! Is it new doctor time? You pay too much to be treated like a piece of meat--both physically and emotionally. I hope your results are good, pally.