Monday, May 9, 2011

Too much TV time...

We have regular cable TV.  Well, I mean we HAD regular cable TV.  You know, not quite basic, not quite deluxe; we were happily in the middle.  Two weeks ago we switched to digital cable and I have to tell you, I need to find a job soon because there is WAY too much stuff on the TV for me to watch.  Add that to the Netflix on the Wii and my already extensive DVD collection and I may never leave home again!

Nick got me "Tangled" on DVD for Mother's Day (because NO ONE would go and see it in the movies with me!) and I LOVED it.  If you have not seen it yet and you are a Disney movie fan, watch it!  Even if you don't have any little girls, you have to see it.  It's a wonderful movie and the first Disney one that I have enjoyed in a long time.

I got "The Love Boat" on DVD from Netflix over the weekend, season one.  Now that is a classic TV show.  It was a little more risque than I remembered but in a silly kind of way.  It was nice to sit back and watch something old that was from my childhood.  Which brings me back to the digital cable because we have recently caught episodes of "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" and "Get Smart" on one of the channels.  Those are classics that we love, too.

The only problem with all of these options is that it takes FOREVER to decide on what to watch when we all sit down to watch something!  Well, that and the fact that the darn remote for the whole thing is so big and complicated that I still can't figure it all out.  Damn I'm old!

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Grampy said...

We have spent way too much on our cable. We have a DVR recorder and record our favorite show while watching another. We don't use Netflix however. Way too much TV Power.