Friday, May 13, 2011

Hats, Health and what the Hell!

Okay, some of you have asked but I am going to tell you, there will be no pictures of the hair.  It's dark.  It's very dark.  I've washed it several times to no avail.  I'm thinking of going out and buying a hat.  Frank says it looks good and that it looks like the color of my hair (my natural color) from when we met.  I don't believe him.  Plus, with the extra weight I am carrying and my pale complexion, well, lets just say that the dark hair is "emphasizing" the roundness of my face.

And I don't like it.

I got all of my test results back from Dr. Killpatient and basically I have been overmedicated.  Let me explain.  I requested a higher dosage of my thyroid medicine than I needed and for a long time, no one questioned it.  Well, when the good doc called with my bloodwork results and said he was lowering my dosage a LOT, I was like "No way!" But after a lengthy discussion, my utter disbelief, then thinking of finding a new doctor because clearly THIS guy was a quack, and finally doing some internet research, it turns out the quack was right.  All of my symptoms were signs of overmedication.

Who knew?

So my anemia is gone, my Vitamin D levels are fine, we are working with a new dosage of thyroid meds, he gave me a scrip for my acid reflux/potential ulcer anti-depressant.  I was not overly thrilled with the last one but really, since starting it, I am seeing a difference.  Since all of these little changes, I am sleeping better, feeling better and have actually had the energy to walk on the treadmill every day this week and even upped my endurance!  That's right, my 22 minute mile is now a 19 minute mile!  In a week!  

Now that I am feeling a little bit better, there was only one last thing to address.  Frank's snoring.  Let me rephrase that, the trainwreck that I sleep next to who has now added kickboxing to his nighttime sleep regime.  

Hands off, ladies, he's mine.

So we talked today and he has FINALLY agreed to let me make an appointment for him to see the doctor and see what we can do about getting him to sleep quietly like a normal person.

Now if only we both had jobs, life would almost be perfect...

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