Thursday, May 26, 2011

Honest answers to snarky questions...

Sometimes it amazes me the things that people will say and do.  It's even worse when someone speaks something out loud that should clearly have stayed in their head.  So without naming names, here are some answers to some crazy stuff that has been asked/said to me in the last month alone...

- Yes, I may have "only" worked behind the desk of a store "just" saying hi to people but that doesn't mean that I didn't deserve to have a job for two years!

- You know, my house may be "too small for normal people" but you know what?  I don't see where your big house has made you any happier.

- No, your daughter should NOT be allowed to leave the house looking like that.  

- And you know why my husband just doesn't "go and get a job at Home Depot or Lowes"? BECAUSE THEY"RE NOT HIRING EITHER.

- No, I'm really not impressed with your knew phone/gadget/etc.  I think that people that flaunt that stuff are pretentious and annoying.

- Oh, and really, booking a $4,000 vacation does not allow you to ever utter the phrase "Things are bad for us right now".

- No, I don't think that it's right that you make $750 a week off the books WHILE getting free medical, dental and food stamps.

People really annoy me sometimes...


Roo said...

LOVE IT!!!! People say some really stupid things sometimes thinking they are being so intelligent or compassionate. WRONG!

Lin said...

Sometimes I say stupid stuff without thinking and I'm horrified after they come out of my mouth. You just have to think that when people say stupid stuff--it's just that. Don't take it too personally. From what you are listing--it seems there are some real idiots around you who say really stupid things!

We have a small house too--don't worry about it. :)