Wednesday, May 25, 2011

One day down...infinity to go!!

What a day!

First, I had to take Michael to the pediatrician for a booster shot that he needed before they'd let him in to middle school.  On the way to driving him to school, I had to stop and fill up the gas tank.  I got gas for $3.67 a gallon and felt pretty good about it but cannot wait for the big drop in price we've been hearing about!  Next stop was the school where I had to sign the boy in late and give the office proof of his immunization.  Last stop before home was the supermarket to grab some cold cuts and bread so that I could have a nice lunch before starting my first day on the job.

And just a side-note to the little girl working in the deli at the Harris Teeter:  YOU SUCK!  This is like the THIRD freakin time that I have specifically leaned over the counter and politely asked you to cut the darn meat thin and you have essentially ignored me and given me SLABS of meat.  I will never shop in your store again and one more time, YOU SUCK.

Came home and relaxed for two hours, had a sucky lunch thanks to the idiot in the deli department, and then headed out - with a combination of excitement and dread - to my new job.  

Okay, honestly, it's weird.  I have a lot of conflicting emotions about the whole thing.  I mean really, this is not my dream job and while I know that most of us do NOT have our dream jobs, I'm finding it difficult to be excited about the whole thing.  I'm excited about HAVING a job, but this job in particular is just...there.  

So I arrived, me everyone, filled out the 47 pages of required paperwork and then got down to business.  It was all essentially Greek to me.  BUT...I am blessed to have someone training me this week who actually WANTS to see me succeed (unlike the people at that temp job last month) and she is making me a training manual.  I mean a real, honest-to-goodness training manual with screen shots of what I should be seeing on the computer and everything!  God bless her!  I sat with a couple of different people to see what they do and then at the end of the day the president of the company asked me to come in to his office so that I could tell him how my first day went!  I thought that was pretty cool.

It's a relatively short shift (12-5) and so by the time five o'clock rolled around, I was pleasantly surprised that the time had gone by so quickly.  It's a short week and then a long weekend so I'm hopeful that it will continue to go well.  

Now if we could just get Frank working steadily again all would be right with the world...


A.Marie said...

Hi there! Good luck on your new job! Bless that woman's heart who is helping you. She sounds wonderful.

And, I totally agree with you about that girl at the deli. What is it with people? You should call the store and complain. That is what I did about our Dollar General in town. And, boy, oh boy, did I get results!!! :)

Petula said...

I'm glad to hear about the job and I totally understand the mixed emotions. I've been there before. I'm glad the first day went quickly and yea, she sucks! :-)

Have a great long weekend.