Thursday, May 5, 2011

Codeword: Cake

I am very in tune with my family.  When I food shop, I have everyone on my mind and purchase the things that they like.  When I am out and about and shopping for things other than food, and I see something that I think one of them would like, I buy it.  I know all of my husband and children's favorite snacks and treats.

No one seems to know mine or even THINK about them!

Now, I know that this is mainly my fault because I don't come out and SAY directly what I want.  For example, Frank was out tonight on an estimate and he called when he was on his way home.  So we're talking and I'm like "Hey, do you need to stop for gas or cigarettes or anything?"  This is CLASSIC code for "Stop at a store, I want a snack"  or at least I THOUGHT it was.  So he came home, empty handed, and when I was like "Where's dessert?" he said "What are you talking about?"

Clearly the communication line has broken down.  

I bought a lovely marble cake the other day for all of us.  I got a slice, Michael got a slice, Frank ate the rest.  I think that on that fact alone he should have gone out and gotten more cake!  I just really, really, REALLY want some cake right now and he won't go back out and get any!  Even AFTER I explained my cake "hint" to him...REPEATEDLY!

Okay,'s just cake...not like I'm on medication and need it to survive but...the way I'm feeling right now cake would go a long way to making me a happier person.

It's a problem...I'm dealing...

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