Saturday, November 28, 2009

What is the fascination with trash?

Do you ever want to get your husband or your children to pay attention to anything?

Simply throw it in the trash!

Yes, I'm serious. In my house, I can have papers on every surface of our home - you can be walking on it, eating on it, sleeping on it, heck, even eating on it and no one will think to look at it to see if it is important or for them. But once it goes in the trash? "Why is THIS in the trash?" "How did THIS get in the trash?" "Why are you throwing THIS out?"

Um...why did you not notice it sitting on the couch for the last week? I mean, it had YOUR name on it. Why could you not read that until it landed in the big heaping pile of trash in the pail?? And you know the sad thing here? I'm not making this up!

My boys share a room. It is piled high with crap. Today I asked them to please clean it up a little. I even offered a shovel. The declined. So Nick threw out a bunch of stuff that had been scattered about the room and not five minutes later Michael comes up to me and asked "Why is that envelope with Nick's name on it in the garbage?"

Sigh. It didn't even make it in to his range of vision while on the floor in his room when he stepped on it and over it a dozen times. Covered in garbage, NOW he's drawn to it. Frank does it to me too. He NEVER looks at the mail. Ever. Until it is in the trash. "Hey? What's this?" "Garbage," I answer. "Why?"


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A.Marie said...

FUNNY! But, how TRUE! I mean, the mail can sit on the table and sit there and sit there, but once it hits the garbage, suddenly everyone notices it! :)

Unknown said...

i throw it out right away. if they can't put it somewhere safe then apparently they don't need it. in the trash it goes. played that game far too long, ain't doing it anymore, lol!

have a great day stace...hugz!

Tanyia said...

omg...seriously this is SO darn true!!! I am big on throwing things out, too, as I hate clutter!

Becki said...

Good for you!!

Frugal Vicki said...

I don't get men at all. I really don't. Why is it that my hubby can remember fifty thousand useless facts, but you ask him what I asked him to do five minutes ago he can't remember....much less what I said two days ago.