Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Can we reform THIS???

Okay, so because my husband is self-employed and has been forever, we don't have health insurance. Yes, yes, we are one of THOSE people. Luckily, our kids are eligible for health insurance through the state's insurance and that has been a HUGE blessing.

Unless you forget to send in your renewal paperwork.

Who KNOWS where my head was at on this one but I got the paperwork back in July and just pulled them out the other day because we got the cancellation notices in the mail. Yes, yes, poor parenting, I KNOW!! So most of the paperwork I had filled out back in July so I finished filling in the rest and drove it over to the local human services location that is like two miles away.

I walk in and hand the pile of papers to the lady at the desk and she's like "Oh... you'll have to fill these out again." So I ask "Why?" and she tells me it's because the DATE on the first paper says "JULY". Are you kidding me? I told her that all of the information was EXACTLY the same. I provided CURRENT proof of income information on my husband and everything else was EXACTLY the same. Nope. No good. Here's another stack of twenty pages for you to fill out. I mean, this woman would not BUDGE on the issue.

I walk out mumbling under my breath on the stupidity of it all and maybe THIS is the type of nonsense that should be reformed! I mean, come ON! What a waste of time and paper! Twenty pages of the same information except the DATE? OOoooo....I still get mad just thinking about it. But, being that we NEED to do this, I come home, sit down, roll up my sleeves and get to it. I'm barely in to page one when the phone rings. Human Services. Long story short, I do NOT have to re-fill out all of the paperwork. They have no problem working with what I handed in. Granted, it wasn't the desk woman calling but I sure can't wait to waltz back in there today with a few extra pieces of information that they requested and fling them at her!

Not nice, I know.

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Russ said...

They sure could save a lot of money if they cut down on the paper work.All that could be done online.We have just gone through the same thing with senior housing.

Leigh said...

We're in the same boat here, with me being self employed and my husband's job not offering health insurance. I got my paperwork in on time for both kids, though so far I've only heard back on my daughter.

Laura Parker said...

i know its a big pain in the rear..but just think of how lucky your kids are that your actually filling it out! Welcome to the uninsured club! Im sure there are 1000's of us.....especially now.

jenn said...

When we moved last year. medicaid never updated our address. I went online and did it myself, but it supposedly never went through. When it came time for our renewal, we never got the papers. I am lucky because my mom is a nurse and works for the state, so she went in and saw that we were about to lapse.

And we did, because we didn't get the paperwork in on time. Then when they finally got it all straightened out, they had my kids in a different program than the one I chose last year, and my doctors office didn't take that one. Apparently they sent out paperwork to my old address in March discussing the change, and then we had 90 days to dispute. They weren't very understanding when I explained that we never approved the switch because we never received the paperwork. I had to write to Columbia to get them switched. It was horrible! And then they switched ryan and brandi, but not kasi. I had to go through it all over again to get her on there. And now that we are planning to move again, I know to go to the office and have them switch the address, and then follow up.

Sorry about the book...I just know how frustrating it can be.

Unknown said...

i agree with russ that it would be so much easier and cost less if they did most of that stuff online. at least someone there had enough sense to say that yeah you could use those papers. geesh, i would be frustrated too.

clicked and tweeted

have a great night...hugz!

A Lil Enchanted said...

Hi Stace... we are THOSE people too. And it's such a pain filling out those forms every 6 months to reapprove Steffie's Medicaid. I have forgotten several times over the years myself (the older kids were on it too).... do don't kick yourself for that... daily life just has a way of putting that kind of stuff out of our minds. I'm glad to hear that someone called to let you use the papers you already had done. Maybe the desk lady was new and didn't know? I'm just so glad that Steffers is covered... she's the one who needs to go to the doctor the most.

A Lil Enchanted,

Kathy said...

Sorry you have to go through all that. What a PITA. I'm curious. This insurance is only for your children? What do you do when you or your husband needs to see a doctor?

Frugal Vicki said...

I don't know.....Who needs to save money on paper. Or the TEN people it takes my kids to see to get ONE flipping shot? Or the five dozen letters that are sent to me from seven different companies to simply tell me "hey guess what, you took your kid into this Dr. that day!" Or what about the fact my hubby had to fill out paperwork in triplicate to take the freaking donation cups I made for Childrens!!!! Deep Breath....and I am done.