Monday, November 9, 2009


I got this one from over at Lola's Diner last week and it took me like forever to really think about it and put it down here in to a post. The question was put out there as to what we are doing in these tough times to bring happiness in to our lives. I'm over-simplifying, I know, and I apologize. To read Lola's entire post, click HERE.

Okay, so what have I been doing to bring more happiness to my life? Believe it or not, writing more. Yes, yes, I know I've complained about it all but it really does help me a lot to write. It is like therapy for me. I still wish I could go back to writing about certain topics but until some issues are resolved, I'm keeping my fingers still!

With the holidays approaching and two kids in the house, I am stressing a bit. But we have always struggled at the holiday season because it is Frank's slowest time. We never have money in December. We are fortunate that we have wonderful relatives that give generously to our children and they have never felt slighted on Christmas morning.

Next week, I am getting together with a bunch of friends to scrapbook. A wonderful friend has offered her home for us to use for the day. We are all bringing snacks to share and are just going to scrap and enjoy each others company. It cost nothing (unless we have to buy supplies beforehand) and the result is priceless.

I did start going back to church around 6 months ago. That has been the most helpful to me. It's not like I had lost faith in God or anything, but I just didn't have a church that I wanted to attend. I'm back at the church I first started going to 14 years ago and it is home. Being surrounded by such wonderful people and hearing strong sermon's every week has really kept me from having a constant pity-party.

So what about you? Where is your happiness at this time of year? Link up to Lola, too, if you want or let me know here. I'm curious to hear how we can all life one another up!

*Today's article is on the homeschool school room. You can read it HERE. Thanks!*


Grampy said...

Hi Stace.We are very happy at this point in our life.We have each other.As soon as we move we will be secure in our life.If I die my wife can still live a decent life.We watch Maya all the time.Life is good.God is good.

aldon @ orient lodge said...

I am writing more too. However, I have so many things going on, I don't write as much as I'd like.

How is NaNoWriMo going? I'm at 12,215 words. Still behind pace, but not bad

Femmepower said...

Hi, Stace! Happy to hear about your updates.I'm glad to know you've gone back to a church you can consider "home."

My family is happy because we survived the great flood that reached up to the 2nd floor of our apartment.We may have lost some valuable things but we didn't lose our lives and that's more important.We value every single moment we spend with each other,more than ever.

By the way,I just gave u an award. Ain't sure if u have this award already but you surely deserve it so I picked you as one of the recipients.You may pick it up at my blog.Cheers!

Frugal Vicki said...

You know, interesting you mentioned Church. Two Easters ago I FINALLY received my Confirmation/First Communion, and I was really big into going every Sunday. I always have this that or the other excuse now, and I am finding that I really miss it. No matter how tired I am or how hard it is to get there, I always feel at home there. Maybe I need to get there again!

Sherri said...

What have I been doing that brings me more happiness? Hmmmm....I have to say that I am having more "me" time than I have in many, many years. Now that my daughter is in school all day, I have the time to set aside for just me, myself and I. I have been a much happier mommy and wife:)