Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Oh, It's ON!

For you long-time readers of this blog (and Yes, this is a blog, NOT Facebook), you know that I stopped any family stories because of some issues that came up. I never went in to details because I was trying to make some peace but apparently, there is no making peace with some people so here it all is.

Dad's wife, Crazy Nancy, found this blog. It wasn't hard to do, I had sent her an e-mail over something and at that time, my blog address was part of my signature. Well, she went and read it and then e-mailed me about how DEVASTATED and HEART BROKEN my dad would be if he knew I wrote such things about him. She then went on to encourage me to confide in her if I ever needed to vent. Sounds nice, right? Well, what she wasn't saying was that she had gone and PRINTED OUT each and every blog that had a mention of family in it! Not the workings of a normal mind, if you know what I mean.

When we went to Florida in July for dad's birthday, which she INSISTED that I go to even though I originally declined because we really couldn't afford to (she offered to pay for our hotel, gas, food, whatever, just as long as we came), I finally met her for the first time. Well, it didn't take long to realize that this woman is in desperate need of a padded room. She heard voices, she heard things that people never said, she demanded to know why me, my sister and step-brother would say that dad would kill himself if she left him...none of which EVER happened. When she left dad in the middle of his party - class act, Nancy - we all looked at dad like "Well, you always said she was crazy, you just never said that she was clinically insane!"

During her three-day e-mail/text/phone message escapade, besides telling the whole family every sick and disgusting thing my dad had ever done in his life, how much she hated all of us and everything that we did that offended her (the woman has NO sense of humor and apparently gets offended easily) she tells dad that I write all sorts of heinous things about him on Facebook. She is OBSESSED with Facebook. Again, note to Nancy, this is a BLOG...spell it for me...B...L...O...G, not Facebook. She then proceeds to SHOW my dad all that I wrote on here, because she's got pages and pages and pages of it printed out!!!

So dad stops speaking to me (we haven't spoken since July), he takes her crazy ass back and after all she said and did - insulted him, his family, his friends, his GRANDCHILDREN (she said my born-again Christian son is a drug addict), he took her back and I am the enemy! Oh, and did I mention that during their brief separation she did everything humanly possible to get my sister's boyfriend to sleep with her? But really, hate me. Another point of interest that I think needs to be cleared up, all of my information about her and what a crazy, empty-headed bimbo she was that I got BEFORE meeting her? That all came from my dad and my sister. But because I said it and wrote it, I'm the bad one.

Now, because all that wasn't enough, she continued to cyber-stalk me and my blog. Because it's not enough that she already had dad not speaking to me, it apparently was best to keep it going. She then printed out anything and everything that I wrote about anyone in the family - particularly the boyfriend she was trying to sleep with - and sent THEM copies of the blog. She taunted my step-brother via text messaging whenever she could, and told him that I wrote terrible things about him...again, on Facebook. She told him that dad hates both me and him and that Karen is the favorite and soon our family will be obsolete because he has her. LUCKY HIM!! DING, DING, DING!!! What a prize!!

So I did my apology here on the blog, I tried to be nice and if my being in their lives was so offensive, I kept away. When Nick got accepted to college, I tried to call and dad refused to answer. I had a friend who was going down to Florida and would be in the area stop in to say hello for me (she said she was bringing him a hug) and he never acknowledged it. When my step-mother died last week, he never called to tell me.

And here we are. Why now am I letting loose? Why now, am I pouring it all out? Because that crazy bitch had the AUDACITY first, to even GO to my step-mother's funeral where she had NO RIGHT to be, but while there, STILL felt the need to tell everyone who WAS there about all that I write guessed it...Facebook. WHY am I even still an issue? I've left you all alone. I live 700 miles away. And really, is a FUNERAL a place to be spewing your craziness?

GET A LIFE, NANCY!!! Oh, and get lots and lots of ink for your printer, crazy one, because family stories, are BACK.

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jenn said...

Wow. Just wow.

Unknown said...

oh my, she sounds like a very bitter woman whose life is so boring and her self esteem is so low that she has to try to belittle others and talk smack about someone else to feel better about herself. you should write about whatever you feel like writing about. if she don't like it, tough shit! it's just too bad that your father can't see through the crap. have a great day sweetie...hugz!

Tanyia said...

...ugh wow....Nancy sounds like a crazy fricking loon. What a pita that you have to deal with people like that.

* and nancy .... *sticks her tongue out*

sheilasultani said...

Isn't family great?!

A.Marie said...

YOU GO GIRL! Just write away and don't worry about her. Life is always going to be full of crazies (believe me, I have got a brother-in-law that makes Nancy look normal!) UGH! How SICK is THAT??!!

Anyway, she sounds like a very unstable person and, in a small, teeny-tiny way, I kind of feel sorry for your dad. In a teeny-weeny way...but, it sounds like he has gotten what he deserves!!!!!

Grampy said...

Way to go Stace.Don't hold it in.Let them know what is on your mind.Too bad you can't divorce relatives.Hopefully someday your father will see that blood is thicker than water.
My suggestion is for you to just ignore the old Bat.

Lola said...

You go girl!

Becki said...

What a piece of work!

A Lil Enchanted said...

OMG... what a crazy person! And I don't blame you... you tried to do the right thing... but you know what... it's your blog and you can say anything you want on it... and who cares what Crazy Nancy thinks... she's just a trouble maker.

A Lil Enchanted,

Unknown said...

Well, at least you can look your dad square in the eye and tell him that you have never wrote anything like that about him on Facebook. I am curious, however, about just how you really feel about her. No hurry. Take your time, and let it get good and fermented. Like, maybe a post for tomorrow?

Leigh said...

Sounds like she needs a hobby! Oh wait, she already has one - cyber stalking you!

Don't you just love family! That's why I post very little on the blog my family members know about, and save all the juicy stuff for the one they don't know about, where I go so far as to use my nickname instead of my first name.

Frugal Vicki said...

Stace, I am sorry. My situation is very different, yet the same, and it hurts so bad. We try to do what is right, we try to please everyone, but it just doesn't matter. She didn't have a right to be there, and I am sorry that she will always be something you remember about that day. I don't write a lot of things that I feel would help me to get out, and I am getting to the point that if it is someone like that....someone that won't matter in ten years....then write it and let your heart heal. That is what us writers do :) (ps. without spilling too much too soon on bloggie world....THANK YOU AGAIN!)

Karen said...

Oh my goodness. She sounds like a wacko. You have done your best. It would make a good tv sitcom except I don't imagine it is funny when you are going through it.

I'd say, since she brought it up again, let 'er rip.

OMG! She went to that funeral??? What an idiot.

aldon @ orient lodge said...

So, how is your novel going?

You know, Nancy could be a great character. A friend of mine is a psychotherapist. She doesn't especially like my novel since it is about deception online.

She commented to me in an email about it that she never responds well to deliberate deception. That her goal in therapy is to get people to stop lying to themselves and to others.

She goes on to talk about who the whole socialization process is about learning to be dishonest, from being told at an early age to be polite to people we dislike.

So, there you are, calling a spade a spade, and the queen of spades doesn't seem to like it, huh? And your dad is now offended too?

Well, keep speaking the truth. That's what I think. It is good for your writing.


Nani said...

LOL!!!! we could find the new cheap ink stores in NY for her...since you will be writing more about her on FB- but really would you have accepted her as a friend on FB - I think NOT!