Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Some People Just WANT to be Mad: aka: Bratty Adults

You know how it's really annoying when you're out somewhere and a child is throwing a temper tantrum somewhere near you? You know, the yelling, the whining, the crying and just how painfully annoying it is to listen to? So you tell yourself "Why doesn't someone shut that child up?" (or maybe something a little more sensitive).

We've all been there. Either it's YOUR child being a brat or someone else's but we've all dealt with this kind of a situation. Let me just say that it is like, oh, I don't know maybe seventy-freakin'-bajillion times more annoying when it is an adult acting like this. In the last month I have had to deal with more bratty adults than I have ever wanted to! Do we not spend a large portion of our time as parents telling our kids that life isn't fair and that they can't always have things their way? Why then, do we, AS THE ADULTS not get this?

The day that we were awaiting word on my stepmom (dad's second wife) who was in a nursing home, on hospice and how they believed she will not make it through the day was the worst. The people who were down there with her (dad and stepbrother) were not really focused on HER they were focused on an on-going argument between the two of them. REALLY?? For ONE day you cannot let that go and maybe GRIEVE together?? I can't really blame my brother on this one, this was his mom that he was dealing with and I knew it was going to be DEVASTATING for him when she passed. But dad? BE THE PARENT HERE!!! Be a nice man and maybe offer this man/child comfort! OOOHHH it just makes me so mad! There were phone calls being made to me and my sister with "he did this" and "he said that" and lucky for me, I'm only getting that from my brother, poor Karen was getting it from brother AND dad! Oh, and Nancy if you're reading, go ahead and hit "print" and be sure to get this to dad over a nice glass of wine for more fun for you.

Then, in the midst of all of that, WHILE they were arguing, dad throws out there to brother to NOT trust ME!!! I've left this miserable man alone since JULY. JULY!!! Not one word to him in all that time - and believe me, I tried to make peace but he is too spiteful to hear it. And you know what my big crime is that I am being crucified for? I blog. That's right, I wrote the TRUTH about things that upset ME. It's amazing I'm even allowed out in society so hateful am I. So instead of maybe hearing and listening to what my brother's issues are with HIM, this miserable human being had to throw the blame on to someone else. "Oh, date hate me, hate Stace!" There is not a hot enough place in hell for you, sir, but I can only hope the devil is preparing one.

And just one more note on that one: So you're mad now that I didn't send a mass card to you? Really? Has no one reminded you that you were NOT married to Collette anymore? You are not the grieving spouse! Or maybe you are, I mean, you are married to a crazy woman and hopefully regretting it. But I, I did not send a mass card. I don't do that. Ever. You know, I held a memorial service here and YOU did not send ME a card. So I guess I'm mad at you too. Also, you're mad that I didn't call you? Why should I when you've REFUSED my calls for the last five months? Make up your mind, man. Either you want to talk to me or you don't. But for crying out loud, stop changing the reason why you're mad because really, no one cares and I don't care to try to keep up with your crazy list.

It's not just them, there just seems to be a lot of stress and pressure lately that is bringing out the brattiness in a lot of people. We all do it so don't sit there thinking that you don't ever get bratty or anything like that. It's human nature. We get mad when we don't get our way. What I find annoying is when seemingly mature adults resort to childish behavior when they don't get their way - snubbing someone as you walk by, refusing to acknowledge them, refusing to answer your phone when someone is calling to mend a relationship...I mean, com ON!

I'm not perfect. I can be down-right bratty too. I'm being bratty right now with all my complaining but I keep it limited (for the most part) here to the blog. I would hope, however, that I don't do that on someone's DEATH BED! Please, I hope I have learned a little something in this life!

*Today's article is on Thanksgiving books for children. You can read it HERE. Thanks!*


A.Marie said...

Jeepers...and I though Hubs family was crazy! I hate drama; it makes me feel ill. UGH!

So you blog...big deal! You have done very well not spilling any family secrets, but I can understand why you are blogging about all of this now. You need to get it off your chest and move on.

You are a smart, talented, funny person, a loyal wife and a good mother, and if your Dad can't see this, then he is the type of person who "Can't See The Forest For The Trees!"

Unknown said...

*hugs* sorry honey, this is why I did a clean break with the dna that was dragging me down. Some of them- if there was no drama they'd go out and find some. I'll take my drama of the really bad tv variety, thanks. ;)

Anonymous said...

Some relationships shold not be mended. Toxicity is not a good thing and should be avoided.

A Lil Enchanted said...

Wow Stace... I guess you told them... and they do desereve it. And you're right... some people just aren't happy unless they have something to complain about or can stir up some drama.

A Lil Enchanted,

Frugal Vicki said...

Wow. Your dad and my dad should have drinks and dinner. They could complain all the way home, because NOTHING is their fault as the parent you know.

Nani said...

sorry friend - I know what you mean - I tell Brian all the time, "I wish you could get a job and work from home and we could live on a mountain top somewhere"- especially when I have run in's w/crazy-immature-ignorant people.