Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Now you'll be able to see the slap before it hits you...

Before we left on our trip last week, Nick announced that he lost his glasses. Well, he didn't actually announce it so much as confessed to it after I harassed him about where they were for hours on end. We tore the house apart to find them with no luck.

Yesterday he had a friend over and had an "AHA!" moment. He tells us that perhaps he left his glasses at this kid's house because he remembers having them there with him the last time he went there. This is great news for me because it shows A.) that the boy CAN remember something B.) there is hope that the glasses will actually be there and C.) we can now STOP tearing the house apart. So, I am friends with this boy's mom and called her up. When I explained the situation, she seemed to know what I was talking about right away but something in her voice warned me that I was not going to like what was about to be said. "We ran over them." "You ran over them?" I'm thinking this was odd because I was expecting the glasses to be left or lost in a normal place, like the friend's room. But no. Not my child. No, he loses them on someones DRIVEWAY! Always thinking outside the box, that one.

So the mystery of the glasses has been solved. They were run over and destroyed because someone forgot to hot-glue them to his face. A mistake I plan to remedy. Now for kicks and giggles this afternoon, we get to go to the eye doctor and spend lots and lots of money on an eye exam and brand new glasses.

I'm living the dream, friends. Living the dream.

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Sylvia Goode Basham said...

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