Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cost to run a business? Free

Did you know that you can run a business for free? That you can rent a builiding for no money, get free utilities, free help, free merchandise to stock, free insurance, free fixtures and furniture, free...well anything! Were any of you aware of that?

Of course not because it is not true! If you thought it was possible, then you are DELUSIONAL.

This seems to be the great misconception of the population and I am amazed when people come in to the store and question us about why things cost what they do! Why do we have to pay so much for this? Or why do you charge a fee for that? Um...I don't know, maybe because it cost US this much money and because we need to make money to cover our expenses, we have to charge that amount. Everyone that comes in to the store lives in a structure of some sort (we have no homeless people that I am aware of). They all pay rent or mortgages, they buy food, they pay utilities, they pay insurance...I'm sure they are familiar with either themselves or their spouses getting PAID by their employers so why is it such a surprise that our little business does the same thing? I was told that I should be ashamed of myself today for our policies and what we charge. ASHAMED? Seriously? I have to wonder, do these people call the gas company or the electric company and demand that they not be charged? Or do they call the phone company and demand that they not be charged all of the fees and taxes because they didn't MEAN to use the phone that much in that month? I'm thinking that they probably don't. But hey, please come on by and unload on me because of all of the problems in the world are clearly my fault.

I'll tell you what, someone contact me about how to run a FREE business - how to get that free building with free utilities with no expenses and I'll see what I can do to improved YOUR life.

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Anonymous said...

Deep breath, eat a candy bar. Don't hit anyone. Lawyers are more expensive than store rent.

What would be a shame is if you weren't there to bless the homeschool community as you do.