Wednesday, October 29, 2008

MacGyver, Where Are You?

Every one has a MacGyver moment - "with this paperclip and shoe-lace I can find a source of organic energy that will save the world!" Well, maybe that's not the best example but if you've seen the show, you know that MacGyver was a master at using little, seemingly useless household items and making them in to extraordinary things that always saved the day.

Along those lines (and in a very round-a-bout way) what if he had used his talent for evil instead of good? I mean, let's face it, anything today can be considered a weapon - intentional or not. Where do you draw the line in saying what is a weapon and what is not? According my husband, my words are sometimes like a weapon. Do we take away the right of speech? A clone trooper action figure (minus the chemical spill goo) when thrown across a room simulating his flying through space could hit someone and be deemed a weapon. A person can choke on a chicken bone and either be hurt or die but if you say that he had an enemy who prepared the chicken, now the chicken is a weapon! Do we stop eating poultry?

We had to have this discussion yesterday about weapons and the person who we were trying to explain to our policies on weapons on premises was giving us every excuse as to WHY her child's knife was NOT a weapon. Okay, fine. Give us your opinion but I can guarantee you that I will be able to pull up world wide statistics on weaponry and prove to you why a knife IS a weapon. She reasoned that the rubber trash cans in the store could be a weapon. The dissection kits used in a biology class are weapons. Rubber bands are weapons. And while yes, she has a point, you don't hear a whole lot of death by rubber band occurrences on the nightly news. You DO hear about stabbings. You do hear about seemingly normal people snapping and stabbing people. I mean if you are going to give me an argument at least be reasonable. She argued that newspaper can be turned in to a weapon and she knows someone who can do it. I'm thinking probably the same person who has the big old knife collection and eats squirrel for fun! Be logical, sweetheart. Out in the real world there are people who use knives to kill. There are people who have knives and don't but don't sit before me and tell me that it is not a weapon.

Some other honorable mentions in the weapon department: Sex is a weapon, so will everyone stop having sex? Glass bottles can be used as a weapon. Will glass stop being made? Scarves can be used as a weapon, will we go cold in the winter and stop wearing them? Position is power, power can be used as a weapon. Do we take away power?

Where does it end? Just put the knife away and stop whining!

**I promise to make this my last knife-induced blog**

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