Wednesday, October 8, 2008

They have my back...

Last night I was at a meeting that I didn't particularly HAVE to be at, but I went because, well, my friends were there! It was at the bookstore and so I kind of worked - but I would use that word loosely.

So, this is a monthly meeting and while I don't get much information personally from them, it is a great time to socialize with the girls. So I'm standing behind the desk with my Beeg when all of a sudden a woman walked in who I really had hoped to never have to see again. She is one of the "circle" moms. She was the mom who ranted and raved at me because she felt disrespected because her husband claims that he saw my son and his girlfriend "making out". All I can say is "Um...Excuse me, pervy-pervison, but what are you doing WATCHING people 'make out'?" They weren't making out and that was my argument to her but ....Oh, just don't get me started! So in this woman walks and I do my level best to avoid making eye-contact. We've already established that I can be immature. I went about my business and, not to toot my own horn, let's just say that I am integral to the proper commencing of the meeting. In layman's terms, that means that I have the biggest mouth and can talk over everyone to get their attention. When I did this, I happened to accidentally make eye-contact with crazy-circle-cult-mom and you know what she did? She smiled. A sincere smile. See, crazy!

I walk out of the room and grab my Beeg and I tell her that this crazy woman was there and then had to REMIND her who I was talking about. I'm not going to lie to you people, the fact that she did NOT remember our every conversation hurt a little. After she DID remember, she looked me straight in the eye and with all seriousness said "She will die tonight!" Like some sort of honor-bound hero in a movie, my Beeg had my back. No, she would not "kill" in the actual sense, but she can give a mean evil-eye when she has to! We walked in to the meeting room and she went and stood directly behind the crazy woman's chair! I just about fell on the floor with the need to laugh. A little bit later on, I was sharing my story with another friend who went and took Beeg's post when she had to leave the room - just to protect me!

**Please note - I was in NO PHYSICAL DANGER at any time. We are just ridiculous**

As the meeting was drawing to an end, I was back up by the front desk. Lots of people were checking out and stopping to talk and while I was standing there "unprotected", crazy-circle-cult-mom stops by and says "Hi, friend! Miss Blondy! You look great!" Two things go through my mind. 1.) I DO look great and 2.) What in the world just happened here? I mean, did she forget about her angry rant at me? Did she forget all of the hateful things she said about my child? Did she not take notice of all of the ways I avoided her all night? APPARENTLY! So I smiled and said thank you and after she walked out the door I slapped Michelle on the arm and said "Do you realize I could have been just killed?"

We got a LOT of weird looks but we found it all to be pretty darn funny. I guess I am the only one who remembers the nasty things that people do - or maybe nasty people just can't keep track of all of the hateful things that they do and say because they do it all the time. Who knows. All I do know is that I felt okay with it all because me friends had my back.

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