Saturday, October 25, 2008

Just when you think you've got it all figured out...

Okay, so my dad got married last weekend. Last Sunday to be exact. Marriage seems to agree with him because when I spoke to him yesterday, he was almost giddy. Weird (and a little gross). So when I asked how married life was and he gushed I felt the need to offer a little marriage advice...don't work together. I say this because my dad has always owned his own deli's, he's always made his wives work with him and all of his wives have hated him. I said "I don't claim to be an expert or anything, but after almost 40 years of being your daughter, it has become pretty obvious that working with your wife does not work for you." Luckily he agreed.


He agreed. He never readily agrees with anything. He usually puts some sort of weird spin on what I've said so that he kind of agrees with me but changes my words just enough that I have to step back and think about what I've said. So, feeling kind of bold because he's in such a good mood, I wanted to make sure that he was really paying attention to me and asked "Can I have a pony?" To which he laughed and said "No." Okay, so he was really listening to me. Huh. Now I'm on a roll.

I've lived away from everyone since 1995 and not once has he been to my home. The first and only time I invited him, he told me that it was not "cost effective" to visit me. (Insert those warm fuzzy feelings here). Cost effective? Isn't that a term used in big corporations when they discuss adding flat screen tv's to the employee lounge or whether to use gourmet coffee in the break room? But when referring to visiting your daughter and grandchildren? Not cost effective? Well, that's just cold. So yesterday I threw out the gesture just so that I can say that I did. I'm like "Hey, you know air fare prices are going down. Why don't you and Nancy look in to coming for a visit after the first of the year so that I can get to know her and, well, since you've never been here, you can actually see where I live?" Wouldn't you know it, he said yes! I mean, again, without any argument, without any qualms or issues, the man readily agreed. AGAIN!

True, there is a LOT of time between now and say February but there is a good chance that he is actually going to come here and visit me. Oh, and did I mention that he told me that I am pretty? Who is this man?? Now I'm going to have to start the "Dad Diet" because I can't take a chance that this new and improved man will be the one to actually show up on my doorstep in 2009. By that time he might have mellowed and the old "Hey, you know you've gotten pretty fat" dad might make a return. I can't take that chance people! I've got to get proactive NOW.

Oh, well. I was looking for an excuse to have to get back in to an exercise routine.

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