Friday, October 17, 2008

A Few Thoughts...

Those of you who read this daily may have noticed that yesterday's post has been removed. I did it per a request. You see, the information that I wrote about - which was pretty funny and completely in keeping with things that I have written about in this blog - was given to me during a phone conversation and that person was not happy that I shared it.

While I respect that, no names were mentioned, only situations. And I'd like to say that this is MY BLOG. I, personally, do not particularly like it when someone tells me that they've read my blog but did not like the use of the word "hate" the one time that I used the word "bitch". You know what, I do not go around to anyone else and tell them how to speak or act or how to write or how to live. I am only asking for the same courtesy. I don't expect everyone to love (or even like) the things that I write about, but the words and thoughts are mine. I created this as a place for ME. It always amazes me when someone comes along and demands that people do everything one way - THEIRS. I believe I've shared my thoughts on that subject several times.

Not too long ago I posted about a situation where a person we knew totally ripped in to my son because of what he was wearing. Then a friend asked "What if she reads it?" Well, hmmm...let's think about that. What if she does? Will reading about her actions change what she did? Will time miraculously go back and she won't be horrible or do you think that maybe she'll think twice before attacking my child again? I should have e-mailed the darn message to her! And the blog that I erased? What if she (the person I had written about) had read it? Well, yes, she would have known the only person who would have given me the information but at the same time, everyone involved in the stupid situation is SICK of the situation. I say, let her read it! Let her see how her behavior for the last year has come back and bitten her in the butt! Personally, I think it would have been funny. I didn't stop anyone from gossiping about me this last weekend or my family. Go ahead, I'm sure they're still doing it right now. Why are we so afraid to point out someone's heinous and hurtful behavior that effect MANY but are quick to point out small infractions that normally only effect one person?

All I'm saying is that I am tired of everyone else getting to vent their thoughts, ideas, feelings and frustrations any way that they want to but no one seems to have any qualms about wanting to censor mine. No more changes, friends. Whatever it is, it is.

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