Monday, October 27, 2008


"Why? A Day in the Life of a Working Mom"
(Famous question asked of me daily that make a bikini wax seem like a day at the beach)

At Home:

Why do I have to take a shower?
Why do I have to brush my teeth?
Why can't I wear this?
Why does it matter if I smell?
Why do I have to do it now?
Why can't YOU just do it?
Why didn't you just tell me it was bed time?
Why do I even have to have a bedtime?
Why do I have to sleep in my bed?
Why can't I sleep on the floor?
Why are you yelling at me?
Why are you still yelling at me?
Why am I always being punished?
Why did you even HAVE me?

At Work:

Why can't I return this written on book?
Why can't I pay late?
Why can't you change the policy for me?
Why does this cost so much?
Why does the copier go so slow?
Why does it take so long for the receipt to print out?
Why do I have to watch what my child is doing?
Why can't YOU watch what my child is doing?
Why do the teacher's need to be paid?
Why isn't there a curriculum that isn't textbook or computer based?
Why does this or that publisher have to update their books?
Why can't you give me the candy now and my mom will pay you later?
Why can't I bring a knife to class?
Why can't I return a three year old book?
Why do we have to pay for classes?

At the end of the day:

Why do you look like you are going to cry?

Answer to it all?
If only there were just one

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