Sunday, October 19, 2008

Who Knew?

Since starting this blog (and probably even before that), I have joked about my dad getting re-married. He's been engaged to the same woman on and off for several years and I'm always looking for ways to not go to the wedding. I lucked out for a good-long while because the wedding never actually took place. They'd fight and call it off, then get back together. Then fight, call it off and get back together.

Well, a little over a week ago, dad calls to say that he's getting married Thanksgiving weekend. So I'm like "Wait a minute...I can't come for that". I mean, I told him the honest truth, I just can't come. So he laughed. Yes, laughed. And then said "Well, you aren't invited."


Um...excuse me? Did I hear you correctly? Are you saying that I - your own child, your own flesh and blood - is NOT invited to your wedding? My brain was scrambling to comprehend all of this. I mean, I know I've been saying that I didn't want to go and that I wouldn't go but to not even be INVITED? Well, that's a little harsh.

"Why not?" I asked.
"None of the kids are," he said matter of factly.
"She has kids?" I asked (since CLEARLY I have no information about this woman).
"Oh, biological and two from her first, or was it second, marriage?"

Sort of has that dreamy, living happily ever after feeling to it, doesn't it?

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