Thursday, September 22, 2011

What are parents thinking???

So a friend of mine was recently telling me that her daughter was being harassed at school by some girls that she used to be friends with.  It happens; we've all been there.  Middle school is just plain awful socially.

Well, not long after that it turns out that her daughter's Facebook and e-mail accounts were hacked and some pretty hideous things were being written about her.  It didn't take long to find the culprit and so my friend and her daughter went to the girl's home, talked with the girl's mother and thought they were done.  

It happened again.  

Now, as someone who has dealt with a child having "friends" who do hideous things to them in attempts to ostracize and humiliate them, this sort of thing enrages me.  Back when it was happening to Nick, no one hacked his accounts but they certainly made sure that he knew what they all thought of him through their own Facebook postings.  This little girl, is committing, in my mind, a criminal act.  She has stolen an identity, hacked in to someone's personal accounts, compromised their stuff and should not receive a mere talking to.  

The parents are clearly doing nothing to punish this child or to stop her from having access to the internet.  I told my friend that when she went there the second time that she should have brought the authorities with her.  I think children like this are a danger to ALL of us and the parents should be careful of what she'll do to them.  And shame on them, in general, for raising a child who is capable of this sort of criminal behavior in the EIGHTH GRADE!!!  

Our kids make stupid mistakes; have bad judgment.  It goes with the territory of having teenagers.  But when your child is a bully, cyber or otherwise, YOU as the parent are just as responsible for the actions they take as the children are.

Wake up parents.  It's people like you that have our world going upside down. 

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sheila said...

Most schools have a "Standards of Conduct" form that all kids and parents have to sign the first week of school. I think the mom should go directly to the principal and the authorities. Middle School is HELL. I constantly feel fear for my 2 boys - my middle son, 12 was assaulted and robbed on the way home from school the second day of school this year. Luckily, the person who did it was an idiot and was arrested the next day. Next Thursday my son has to go to court and face this guy. He's been having nightmares and is afraid to go outside by himself. Parents need to WAKE UP!