Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"Only Yours" is my new favorite book!

As a huge Susan Mallery fan, I found myself counting down the days until "Only Yours" came out. I had read the four previous books in the Fools Gold series and this book was well-worth the wait.

This time out we are looking at Montana Hendrix of the Hendrix triplets. She is finally finding her own way in this story and found a career that she loves working with therapy dogs. Unfortunately, one over zealous pup gets her in to trouble with the new doctor in town, Dr. Simon Bradley. Simon is a surgical genius but not at all very good with dealing with people. The good folks of Fools Gold hope to convince him to stay in their little town and enlist the help of Montana to do so - not knowing that she and Simon already got off to a rocky start.

This is a Beauty and the Beast kind of story. Simon was badly scarred as a child and now works as a plastic surgeon to help others heal from similar wounds. He is awkward and short tempered but deep down he is really looking for acceptance. He's a perfect candidate for Fools Gold - a town known for taking in those in need.

This story grabbed me from the get-go and I had a hard time putting it down.  There were so many emotional aspects to this story and it was so well written that you felt everyone's joy, sorrow and pain.  Dr. Simon Bradley is now may favorite "hero" in any story and he brings out the healer in all of us who just want him to know that he is loved and accepted.

This story is a great addition to the Fools Gold series and a must read if you are a Susan Mallery fan.  You can click HERE to read an excerpt from "Only Yours." 

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