Friday, September 23, 2011

I am so NOT ready for this phase of life!

So Michael finished his first quarter of middle school.  As a year-round school, we are now on our first break.  I was desperately ready for it.  He is doing okay other than making us crazy with his waiting till the last minute to do any major project or assignment, but we're getting better. 

He's joined the ping-pong club and loves it.  

A couple of weeks ago he called me because he had forgotten some homework at the house and my office is almost right across the street from his school so I was able to stop there on my way to work without any problems.  When I got to the office, the secretary told me that he was in the cafeteria and I could bring the papers right to him.  Okay, fine.  

As I'm walking down the hall I'm thinking "How am I supposed to find him in a cafeteria of 100 kids?"  Well, as it turned out, he was literally the first kid at the end of the table right by the door.  Luck was on my side.  So I walk in, he has his back to me and I notice that he is looking quite "cozy" with the girl next to him and they are sort of giggling and tickling one another.

What the WHAT?????

I realize that we did not deal with this with Nick because he was homeschooled but for some reason, I never even THOUGHT of Michael being interested in girls yet!  He gets embarrassed if Frank notices a pretty girl on the TV and says something about it. 

So the next day, we're in the car and I asked Michael, very casually mind you, who the girl was.  He went in to GREAT detail of how her knew her and her unusual name.  Her name fascinated him - Neve.  He told me how people mispronounce it and how it's sort of like how people mispronounce our last name and then he rambled on for quite some time about the whole thing.  

I have to tell you, I was a little uncomfortable.

Another day, a friend of mine picked him up to take him to ping pong club, which the ever-so-lovely Neve is also a part of, and he went on to tell my friend all about her!  


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