Saturday, August 27, 2011

We Survived!

It was like the event that wasn't.


Hurricane Irene, which wreaked havoc over almost everywhere she went, did relatively little here in my neck of the woods.  It was mainly a wind and rain event and in the last couple of weeks, we've had heavier rain and winds with some thunder and lightning thrown in so really, it was a mild day comparatively.  

We stayed in, lounged around, ate cake and cookies...AFTER eating real food...I didn't make the family survive on baked goods alone.  Even though there are a LOT of them in the house!  Our power was fine, our phones were fine, the cable was hit and miss on certain channels but for the most part, it was very uneventful.

Praise the LORD!

My family up North, however, are gearing up for the worst.  My mom said that in her lifetime she has never seen anything like this - all of the evacuations and preparations.  Hospitals were evacuated, towns are deserted.  It seems very strange.  I am hoping as the storm makes its way up the coast that it will lose power but from what I understand it's not the category that is the problem, it is something about the water surges and all that.  Either way, I am glad to not be living up there anymore.

I hope for any and all of you who were in Irene's path, that you stayed safe and are all okay.  I am blessed that it was easy on us....

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Ruth said...

We're in Eastern MA here, all we got was some fairly heavy rain and a few wind gusts. The western part of the state got the worst of it, apparently. My mother thinks it was hyped up in the media a lot more than it needed to be.

Do you ever get the feeling the news outlets are actively TRYING to scare people? I've heard a theory that the networks think if they make the news more "exciting" it will boost ratings, but realistically who really wants to expose themselves to all the negativity they put out? Personally I'd rather not.