Tuesday, August 23, 2011

If it makes lab mice crazy...

Way back when in the 80's there was a great movie - The Big Chill.  Remember it?  Great movie, great cast.  My mom went through a whole "Big Chill" phase and whenever she heard the Rolling Stones "You Can't Always Get What You Want", we would remember the movie.  And BTW, GREAT Scene!

Anyway, there is a scene in the movie where Glenn Close and Jo Beth Williams are working together making up beds in the guest room (the group of friends are together for a weekend for another friend's funeral).  The two women are talking; they are both married women with children.  Jo Beth Williams character is saying how she feels like she is never alone in her own house - either the kids are there or her husband is there and then she's saying how "You know those lab mice went crazy when deprived of their privacy?" and Glenn Close says "They're living with you, too?"

That is so how I feeling lately. I am NEVER alone!  Then I'm working full time and constantly surrounded by people - people who are talking on the phone, to each other, watching the TV...I  mean it is never ending noise around me and I am slowly losing my mind.  

Tonight I was trying so hard to read some important information so that I can work on getting my formatting for my book under control.  Have I mentioned how the headers and footers are making me want to kill myself?  But I could not focus on anything I was trying to read because the TV was on loudly, Frank and Michael were talking...loudly and I wanted to cry.  I just wanted to tell everyone to shut up and go away.

I am getting increasingly frustrated.  I just want quiet.  Even right now...I'm sitting in my bed, it is 10:15 at night and you know what's going on?  I came in here, shut the door, was enjoying the peace and quiet and then Frank walked in to tell me that Nick is here and now the two of them are standing here in the bedroom - while I type - talking.



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Roo said...

Some people just do not understand the concept of wanting to be alone. I am fortunate in that I do get my alone time... pretty much whenever I want. The times I have trouble are when we're at a family function over a weekend or several days. There are times when I just want to get away and be alone. My family just doesn't understand that. I'm used to being alone and after 12+ hours of togetherness I would rather just go off and be alone!

I hope you can get things worked out with your world and get the time that you need.