Monday, August 22, 2011

Growing Pains and Ping Pong

So I told you all how I'm taking that giant leap in to self-publishing.  It's painful; honestly and truly painful.  There is so much to do and so much to look at and at this point, every time I open up the file on my book I want to cry!  Where is the book fairy who can take care of all of the editing nonsense for me??

Then there's the other things: websites, marketing, getting my name out there.  I have some very loyal readers and friends here who have all said that they'd buy a copy of my book and for that I say a HUGE thank you.  I look forward to selling those ten books and it's all very exciting but after that?  Who knows!

So while I'm spinning around the house having a breakdown, we have something new going on around here - Ping Pong.  Yes, Ping Pong.  What tiny house with a mother losing her mind couldn't use some loud and obnoxious Ping Pong action?

Michael joined the Ping Pong club at school.  I was VERY excited about this because he is not a joiner of anything so the fact that he wanted to join something was way cool.  The problem?  He'd only ever played it (and I use the term "played" loosely) twice.  So we went out and bought a table-tennis type set that sets up on our dining room table and he and Frank have been having a blast.

Me?  Not so much.

Last night we had a heinous storm here.  The thunder and lightning were just out of control.  We unplugged the computers and the TV's so there wasn't much else to do (well, I read) but play Ping Pong.  After hearing them play Ping Pong while I made dinner.  Nick actually has a REAL Ping Pong table and he was nice enough to have Michael over after church to play a little and have some brother-bonding time, which was very nice of him.

Those little plastic balls may have to start disappearing...

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jenn said...

Am I on your list of buyers, cause I so want a copy of your book!