Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hurrican Preparedness

Like most people on the East Coast, I am preparing for Hurricane Irene.  Unfortunately, when we are living on one paycheck, and payday isn't until tomorrow, I have not been able to do much.  I'm a little panicky to say the least.

I have water, I have bread, I have canned goods.  I have paper goods and we know to charge up all of our electronics.  I will make sure that all of the laundry is done and that the house is on a higher level of cleanliness just in case we are stuck inside for days without water.  Why start out with a smelly house if it's only going to get worse, right?

And...I bake.

If there is a natural disaster heading our way, for some reason, I bake.  I don't know when this started but for as long as we've at least been here in NC, when there is a storm, I bake.  I figure, if we have no electric and can't cook much, at least I will have cake.  Cake is a comfort food.  Cookies are comfort food.  If I am stuck inside, with no form of entertainment, I am most certainly going to eat cake!!

Anyone have any odd habits they do while preparing for a natural disaster?

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