Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Painful reminders that I'm NOT 18 anymore...

Life is confusing.  Or maybe I should say that the media confuses my life.

Forty is fabulous!  Life begins at 40!  Forty is the new 30!  I mean on and on and on it goes until you slam in to a brick wall of all of the reasons it is NOT fabulous to be forty.

I had to a do a little video thing yesterday that I am submitting as part of my cheerleading duties and in the spirit of cheerleading, I did a split.  Now, mind you, I had been stretching out for DAYS and honestly, I can still do one.  

Yesterday?  Not so much.

So I did it, got it on video, it was funny but really, the effects of it linger today still.  I'm walking a little slower, my friends.

Then, last week, I had  some eye issues.  I put in a fresh pair of contacts and my right eye went crazy.  I fought the whole not wearing the contacts for another day and then left them out for four days.  Put them back in yesterday and BAM!  Massive amounts of pain.  So I go to the eye doctor and, get this, there is a patch on my eye where the epithelial layer of my cornea is GONE. WHAT IS THAT????  I mean, the doctor wasn't overly concerned and in normal people, it grows back in 1-3 days.

Not mine.

So now I'm on prescription eye drops ($100 eye drops that Medicaid won't pay for!) and some other drops and have to go back to see if my old, spazzy eye is attempting to heal!  

So to recap:  I am walking slow and I'm blind.

What is fabulous about that?? 


Alison said...

I have a split story, too. Stretched and did splits every day beginning in my early 20s (for Tae Kwon Do). But when I was 30 (and nursing Zachary - could be the reason), I went to do a split. Heard this popping sound and almost fainted. Had to do physical therapy (at home, thankfully) for 4 or 5 months after that. Haven't tried a split since! I admire you for doing it!

Ruth said...

Whoever said life begins at 40 was obviously 39 or less, things haven't been going well for me since that particular birthday....I'm 42 in 9 months, that's supposed to be the ultimate answer to life the universe and everything--what the h e double toothpicks does that mean anyway??