Saturday, October 23, 2010

The bread that broke the camel's back...

I guess I am stressing more than I realize because tonight all hell broke loose here over...bread.  Yes, bread.  Not bread as in money (sorry, I'm channeling the 70's) but actual bread.

I was at the church all day for a women's ministry event.  Frank drove me and I had a friend bring me home because Frank had to work.  Well, as it got closer to dinner time, I had an idea for what I wanted to make but I was missing a main ingredient - the bread.  So by the time Frank got home, we were discussing dinner and I told him my idea and I will admit, I was a bit snippy and was like "Well, I would have LIKED to have made the skillet BBQ chicken sandwiches but I didn't have a car to go and get the bread!"  He offered to go to the store for me and GET the bread but I was in a mood and that wasn't good enough.  Why?  Because clearly, he would have gotten the wrong bread.  

I'll admit, too, that I am a bit fussy about my bread.  I am spoiled because we grew up in New York where there is GREAT bread.  Here in North Carolina?  Not so much.  It's all white bread in different shapes.  It's starting to get a little bit better but I knew the EXACT bread that I wanted and at 6:30 at night, chances were slim that the store was going to have any.  So Frank's like "Well, I guess you'll just have to have the bread that you don't know...sacrifice."


You want to talk to ME, the woman who has no damn car because I had to sacrifice it for the sake of work about sacrifice?  ME...who has to sacrifice by freedom and be STUCK AT HOME all the dang time because I don't have a car!  ME...who has to bum rides from people to even accomplish the smallest of errands.  ME...who has had to sacrifice most of my income to our son for GAS for the few times that I get to borrow his car.  ME...who isn't allowed to make any plans for ANYTHING because you keep changing your work schedule.

So really?  Seriously?  If I want the special damn bread from the stupid store that I like and don't WANT any other kind of bread, DO NOT tell me that I cannot have it and have to settle for something less that I DON'T like because really, that's all my life is full of right now.

I took the car.  

I got bread that was CLOSE to the kind that I wanted.

It was good.


jenn said...

I totally know what you mean about the bread. I have found that Publix has the beat variety of breads. I got a multi grain french bread from their deli there that was delicious!

And I'm so sorry that men can be totally goobs.

Ruth said...

Similar issues here, my problem is I have neurological problems and can't legally drive at all. I'd love to get one of these (the four seater Cycle Car would be nice, I have two teenage kids myself) but with little extras like a canopy top, cargo box, headlights and seat belts it's almost as much as a regular car and I just can't afford it right now.

Glad to hear your dinner came out alright. My kids hardly ever eat what I cook, I made a beautiful split pea and ham soup last night and they made themselves PB&J sandwiches! Sometimes I don't know why I bother.

Lin said...

It isn't the bread, is it? I think it is everything else, but the bread just manifested all the resentment of the situation that you are in. Sorry things are tough these days, pally. :(

Dawn said...

I am sorry that things are going that way ! All things will get better once Frank's van, right, gets fixed! You should be able to have what you want, when you want it !! :)