Sunday, October 24, 2010

Be careful who you friend request...


Honestly, I love Facebook for many reasons but sometimes bizarre stuff happens and I end up feeling like "Really?  What in the world???"  Today was one of those days.

I was Facebook friends with a cousin of mine who I haven't spoken to since 1999.  Seriously.  She stole from me, she lied about stealing, she stole from my grandmother and my aunt and then left them high and dry and took off to wherever.  I was curious to see what she was doing with her life because there was talk in the family about what she was doing and so Facebook seemed like a harmless way to see. 

Every once in a while she would send me a little "Hey, how are you" message and I'll be honest, I didn't respond.  Well, for whatever reason, today was the last straw for her and she was sending me hateful messages demanding that I talk to her because she has been working her butt off to get people to forgive her.  Really?  Then I guess my apology was lost in the freakin mail because I have seen NO attempt to make right all that she did wrong.  Last I heard, she stole from someone else.  

It started with the harmless "Hey" comment, then went in to a "Read This!" comment and then finally I responded to the "ANSWER ME!!!" comment because it was time to put this all to rest.  I answered.  Believe me, I answered.  She de-friended me and now, I blocked her.  I don't want this contact with her at all.  I don't NEED this kind of craziness, thank you very much.  She tried to guilt me in to talking to her by "reminding" me that I am a Christian and what "that church of mine" teaches.  Yeah, okay.  I never claimed to be a perfect Christian and I am willing to deal with God when that day comes over this little incident.  

The thing is, I hope that she does turn her life around.  I hope that she gets some professional help and STOPS stealing from people and lying about it.  I hope that she finds a job that makes her happy.  I just won't open my door again to that kind of situation.  It may not be the right decision biblically, but it's all I can do right now.  

As for Facebook, this is the second time that I've had someone go a little psycho on me and I'm beginning to re-think staying on there.  Be careful who you accept friend requests from because they just may go a little crazy on you, too!


Ruth said...

I am not on FaceBook at all and stories like this are part of the reason why! My kids are though, they like the games.

Russ said...

Facebook is really strange sometimes.My wife's daughter defriended us because she didn't like my wife to be able to see what she posted.
Also my ex wife was doing some venting about me. I never made her a friend she was getting through by way of my daughters.I had to complain to facebook to stop it. I believe they kicked her off.
She also found my blog. That is why I now moderate all comments.
Isn't life fun sometimes!

Petula said...

I want to say "only you Stace, only you!" LOL... but I guess other people have had issues like that. I have more than 500 followers and I've never had to deal with that. Most of mine are blogger friends, people I knew at a church I went to, friends from high school and a few family members. I don't get down like that, but maybe I've just been lucky so far. She'll have to mature some to realize that she should have just stopped sending you comments/messages. IDK, I think I would have given a nice little piece of my mind too when she became insulting. Oh well, no loss, no foul. Isn't that the saying?

KC said...

That's true. And about the "Christian" thing, the Bible says

"17Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them.

18For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple."

Romans 16:17-18 (King James Version)

Some people abuse Christians for telling us we need to be like this and that - like we have to let them do wrong to us and just be okay with it. Just because we are Christians doesn't mean we have to let other people do us wrong.

Natalie said...

Do you and I have the same cousin?!?!? Just kidding, but I, HAD...a cousin like that. She went a little...LOT...cuckoo earlier this year. And started spreading lies that I was talking bad about her. For one, haven't seen her in years and couldn't care less about her, let alone care enough to start rumors and two...WTHeck?!?!? I was so blindsided by the whole thing. Both she and her dad (my dad's older brother) blocked me. Ok, whatever, I don't care. But they're still friends with my mom and she asked what was up which is why I even know anything. My mom defended me saying I wouldn't do that, but wow...LOSERS!

Oh...and since then other family members have had similar experiences with her and have blocked her/defriended her. So yeah, I agree, be careful! Even "family" members can be psychos!

Roo said...

I've "hidden" a few people from time to time, but the only ones I've unfriended so far on ones that I never hear anything from and I really don't care about.

You do have the drama in your family that's for sure!!!!

pinpin said...

Yeah i agree with ur articles, we need to watch out our "new" friends